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TOTOCON 3 Presentations

A Magical Life: Handling the Mundane through the Divine

Brother Gilberto

This workshop will explore how to bring mindfulness and magical practice into as many aspects of daily life as possible, such as the realities of family interaction and other relationships, as well as any chosen economic activity. We will explore how practice can transform obstacles into aids for spiritual progress.

Br. Gilberto is a member of Scarlet Woman Lodge, O.T.O. He makes his home in El Paso.

Enochian Magick - Beyond the Basics

Frater Christeos Pir

Okay, so you've read up about the Watchtowers, you've got a temple set up (however simplified or ornate you made it), and you've done some basic scrying. Now what?

In this workshop we will discuss some projects for the budding Enochian magician that go beyond the beginning steps. There are a variety of different undertakings that you can pursue, including:

  • Classical magick in the Dee manner
  • Systematic exploration of the elemental tablets
  • Working with the Tablet of Union
  • Working with the 91 Governors of the Earth
  • Working with the Angels of the Bonorum
  • Ascending the Aethyrs
  • Experimenting with the Sigillum Dei Aemeth
  • . . . and more.
We will talk about some ways to prepare for and accomplish these projects, and time permitting we'll brainstorm for others that might be added to the list. Bring your ideas, questions, and imaginations!

Fr. Christeos Pir has been studying and writing about the magical system of Dr. John Dee and Sir Edward Kelley for two decades, and is the author of "A Problem of Authorship: John Dee, Edward Kelley, and the 'Angelic Conversations,'" "An Essay on Enochian Pronunciation," "A Phonetic Guide to the Enochian Calls," "Traversing the Aethyrs," and other essays. He has led numerous workshops, seminars, and experimental study groups in Enochian, not only at two different O.T.O. bodies, but also at Ecumenicon/Sacred Space, a national pagan-oriented ecumenical conference. In 2003, he led a two-day Enochian workshop at a conference hosted by the Institute for Hermetic Studies in Wyoming, PA. He was selected in 2006 to be a presenter at the first annual Western Mystery Conference in Austin, TX hosted by the local Golden Dawn members. Christeos is an initiate member of the O.T.O., having taken his Minerval on 04/04/93 EV, and is a Past Master of William Blake Oasis (now William Blake Lodge). He is currently Secretary at Scarlet Woman Lodge in Austin, TX.

The Mysticism of Emanuel Swedenborg

Brother David Hill

Join Br. David Hill in an exploration of the theology of 18th-century Swedish theologian, visionary, and Christian mystic Emanuel Swedenborg, whose works influenced the likes of Saint William Blake and William Butler Yeats. Join us as we explore Swedenborg's history and key features of his theology.

This lecture is the result of Br. Hill's research and communication with Rev. Dr. Rachel Rivers, former pastor of the San Francisco Swedenborgian Church.

Putting the Aleph Back in Alphabet: A Foolish Journey through the Qabalah 

Soror Miriam

To really 'get' qabalah requires serious study -- and a wicked sense of humor! Rife with puns and filled with in-jokes, the Jewish kabbalistic texts are built on wordplay -- and Crowley honored the best of this tradition with his own, often humorous, style. This session will show you the gems of gematria, how to team up with temurah, what not to do with notaricon . . . and other Foolish ways we modern magicians can make the most of Hebrew alphabet.

Sr. Miriam BatAsherah is a Thelemite, Witch and permaculture consultant living in Austin, Tejas. With an academic background in Jewish studies, she has been actively studying Hermetic Qabala for over fifteen years and Jewish Kabbalah for nearly as long. She can read and speak Hebrew . . . if you count the "Hungry Little Caterpillar" reading level. In addition to her membership in Scarlet Woman Lodge, Sr. Miriam serves as an organizer and teacher with the local Reclaiming community Tejas Web.

Magical Symbolism of Dance

Soror Tzaddi  

This will be a participatory class for both men and women.  Please wear loose comfortable clothing, yoga wear, or a dance outfit if you have one.   Through specific movement we will explore the symbolic aspects of dance.  A variety of music will be used.  Focus on the emotions aroused in both dancer and observer will be emphasized and discussed.   This class is about the spiritual nature of dance, not about looking good or doing it right, so no matter your physical ability you should be able to enjoy the class.

Sr. Tzaddi has twelve years’ experience as a member of O.T.O. She is an ordained priestess currently active in the EGC. She also has experience with re-evaluation counseling and NLP.

Thelemic Ethics and Morality

Brother Richard Beaver

We will discuss Thelemic ethics and morality using documents such as Liber AL vel Legis, Liber Oz, Duty, Liber II, and others. We will discuss how these concepts can assist us with our own personal path of initiation as well as in developing our local bodies and the Order as a whole.

Br. Richard Beaver is Camp Master of Starry Bayou Encampment in Houston and an ordained priest of the EGC.  He has been a member of the order since 1999.  He is interested in several topics including Goetic Evocation, Fringe Masonry, and Physical Alchemy.  He also enjoys bubble baths and long walks on the beach. 

Sensuality & Responsibility

Sister Florence

More details coming soon!

Principles of Thelemic Feasting

Brother Shawn

Join us for an analysis of the Thelemic Calendar and its various liturgical Feasts including those of the Saints of the EGC. This workshop will put a particular emphasis on the festive tradition within the New Aeon.

Br. Shawn is Oasis Master of Bubastis Oasis, O.T.O. in Dallas.

A Celebration of the Gnostic Mass

Texas Mass Team

O.T.O. Members from Starry Bayou, Bubastis, Scarlet Woman, and San Antonio

Registration is open to the public for $65.00. Limited space is available, so early registration is suggested. You may register via PayPal below.

TOTOCON 3 - 2010 EV
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