The Scarlet Letter
Volume VII, Number 2 | March 2002
The Pirate’s Tale
by Sundari Lalita


I long ago promised to relate to you this tale of my abduction by pirates from the temple in Crete, and now I finally have the time to think and write. Even now my hands tremble as I remember that day of fate that has changed my life so dramatically. I was performing my usual duties in the Temple, when a foreigner, a Levantine, came to me and requested my service. He was a sensuous and passionate lover, and I spent my last night in Kydonia in his embrace. I brought him to the brink of the pleasure chasm over and over, and the delicious sensation of energy union was ours. I worshipped him as the God, the lover of Aphrodite, honoring him above all others. I rode him like my mount to the top of the mountain, then dived deep into the dark mystery of the sea with him, I showed him the dazzling brightness of Aphrodite’s love as we rode the waves of ecstacy.

In the morning, as he took his leave, he grasped me tightly, and declared that he must have me for himself, as I “was the finest piece” he had ever had, and would keep me as his own private slave. I had often had men proposition me or otherwise try to tempt me into their private service, but never before had a man threatened to enslave me. I was enraged that he would return my service and the grace of the holy temple with such perfidy and violence. I struggled with him, but his arms were strong, his mighty muscles lean and taut about my tender body. He tied a scarf around my mouth to muffle my cries, and then tied my arms behind me with the swiftness of an expert.

My continued struggles only seemed to excite him more, and I felt his erect member pressing against me as he secured the bonds. “Lovely one, if you fight me I’ll have to fuck you again right here and now.” And bless me if he did not keep his word on that threat, for I did fight him with my legs which were still unbound. His breath became quick and short, and he threw me hard upon the bed, he spread open my legs roughly and thrust into me. He rutted into me like a mad bull, snorting and lashing his hips wildly, he was so lustful and passionate that I responded against the will of my civilised being. I came hard and almost bit through the gag as I cried out my ecstacy to the morning light. My orgasm clenched so hard and long that he could not withstand its onslaught and burst within me with such force and deep thrusting, that I thought he may have split me open at last.

When he had finished, he smiled wickedly into my face and murmured, “You are mine. I will have you again tonight, on board my ship, after my boys head out to the open sea.” He finished binding me and put a robe over me to hide me. He brazenly walked out of the temple with me over his shoulder like a sack of onions. He hired a donkey and cart outside the gate, threw me into it, and we reached the shipyard within moments. As he promised, he had me on his ship and out to sea before nightfall. He was the captain of this pirate vessel and was used to taking whatever he desired, indeed, he was the most unrepentant rogue I have ever known.

He at first kept me tied upon his bunk in his captain’s room. He fed me by hand, but soon tired of these solicitations, as his sea-faring duties required his time and attention. He realised that I could not escape without destroying my life, so he felt free to loose me on board. He set me to tasks that he considered fit for women such as cooking and sewing. And every night in bed he was the same animal I had known that first morning, he enjoyed binding me before entering me, he said that it enhanced his pleasure greatly. I am almost ashamed to admit that it excited me also to be forced and used in that way. But shame is wasted on a harlot priestess, and I soon came to relish our nightly trysts, even as I yearned for freedom. I learned that he was called Ahriman the Mad, and was wanted for murder, theft, and piracy. “There is a great price on my head!”, he was proud to relate to me his crimes with gusto and bravado, and he entertained me exceedingly with his incredible tales.

One day I became aware of some exotic rhythms played on drums, and sought out the source of these intriguing sounds. There were Egyptian and Assyrian pirates on the ship who were also musicians, and amused themselves by playing drums when their duties for the day were finished. I became entranced with this drumming, and danced with the music. My body swayed sinuously, and my hips bounced with the beat of the drums. The men became excited, and soon a fight started over who would take me first. Ahriman became angry, claiming that I had enticed his men, “I will show you how I punish a misbehaving slut!” He then tore off my skirt, revealing my shining moon to all, tossed me upon his knee and beat my buttocks until they were bright red. He became even more excited than usual, he threw me down before the men, and mounted me from behind, like the animal he is, and fucked me into near unconsciousness. His men became quite rowdy at the sight of their captain raping his woman, they were all clamoring to be allowed to punish me also.

When Ahriman finished thrusting his lusty cock inside me, he turned me over to the first mate, who was most ready for the deed. I was had by one and all, and if it was not for my temple training, I might be dead or mad from the intensity of their pent-up lust. I transformed this raw male energy to create a storm within me, and soon the winds responded to my call. I brought a thunderstorm down upon the sea, and I was left alone at last, as the men struggled to save the ship from certain destruction.

I sauntered up to my pirate and hissed, “Ahriman, you beast, I can quiet this storm, but if you heed me not, you will surely die this night from drowning.” He cursed me for a witch, and then declared that I would either stay the storm or he would strangle me forthwith. “That is no way to bargain with me, I will take no further threats from you sirrah. You will proceed to Cyprus, the home of my golden Aphrodite, and you will free me there, or be sure of many storms, for I am more powerful after death than alive to do thee ill.”

Ahriman paled, and said, “If you stay not this storm, witch, then you too will drown this night, so this bargain will not hold water.” I smiled and looked him in the eyes, “I will be free, or not be at all. I cannot live as a slave.” He took a long hard look at me, and for once I think he saw me as I am. “I understand girl, I also must be free—do your magick, and I will set for Cyprus.”

I breathed deeply, slowly, and quieted the storm within, spoke to the excited wind sprites and asked them to leave as quickly as they came. They swirled about, laughing and sporting with the waves of my Lady, and headed west to play in other waters. Within an hour all rain had stopped, and the wind was as mild as a mother’s caress. The word had gone round the ship that I was a weather witch, and I commanded the respect that I deserve from them at last.

That night it was I who tied Ahriman to his bunk, and teased him until he fairly burst. I did not allow him to climax, for I felt the need to be cruel to him, as he had been to me. He begged me to free him in the morning, and I reminded him of his promise to free me in Cyprus. He sighed, “Yes, my lovely, I will let you go if you must be free, but I will miss you, for you are the best fuck I ever had the good fortune to meet.” So I let him loose to captain his ship. When later that week we anchored in Paphos, I was almost sorry to say goodbye, for he was a mighty good fuck as well.

The pirates brought goods and jewels for sale to the markets, and replenished their food and water supplies in the city. I took my leave of Ahriman, and this once we made love tenderly, as I had never seen him look so sad and low. I do believe he would miss me.

Later, Ahriman and I began to unboard the ship, when a cry went up, “It’s the pirate, Ahriman, seize him, he is wanted for murder! Seize him!” The crowd surged toward us, and we ran back up the plank, as all hands went to their places to fight. The sails took flight as luckily a wind was blowing to set us out to sea. I was bitterly disappointed that I did not see the Temple in Paphos, Aphrodite’s home. My pirate was in grand spirits, however, and promised to take me to the Levant, where he had many friends (and many enemies as well I wager). So off we went to the seacoast of Phoenicia, and I passed the time by dancing, and learning the drum rhythms of the Egyptian and Assyrian musicians. I learned many new movements that the music called out of me, I called up the serpent deep within and it consented to wind its way up my spine to the crown of ecstacy. My dancing was a matter of awe to the pirates now and they no longer fought over me for they feared me, and that I enjoyed greatly, perhaps a bit of pirate blood runs in my veins after all.

Ahriman and I rutted like rams in springtime, and passed many pleasant hours together in his bunk. He was jealous though, and did not offer any of his pirates to me again. He was shocked when I told him that I had enjoyed it when he threw me to his men. He was pleased when I told him that I also enjoyed the spanking, and we amused one another with many joyous slaps. He taught me to tie many cunning sailors’ knots, and I taught him many techniques of breathing to extend his erection and to magnify his climax.

Then the coast of Phoenicia came into view, my heart leapt up within my chest, for freedom was near. Ahriman surprised me with a candle lit dinner, and jeweled rings for my fingers. He crept up behind me and whispered, “Well my lovely, may I tie you to my bunk for a little slap and tickle?” I giggled a bit, perhaps the wine had gone to my head, and I agreed. He tied me slowly, with many amorous glances, and I moaned in anticipation. He finally finished his handiwork, and set upon me, licking my nipples slowly and tenderly. I writhed a bit as he thrust his fingers into my honey pot, and brought his tongue down my belly to my slit. He put his warm tongue inside me, and licked me up and down, then in circles, making me quite giddy.

He exposed his hard, quivering penis to me, and leapt up to my face, rubbing it against my mouth. I sucked him into my mouth nearly choking for he was quite a large man when his blood was up. He thrust in and out of my mouth for as long as he could stand, and withdrew. He stretched out along my body, and finally placed the head of his throbbing cock into the outer lips of my pearly gate. I twisted myself to meet him, but he pulled away slightly so that he was only just in. He said, “Beg for it bitch if you want any of me tonight.” And I begged, “Oh, please, please do fuck me, I want you so bad, I must have your handsome cock inside me, please give it to me hard, hard and fast and furious.” He was placated by my moaning and writhing about, and consented to enter me deeply. I sighed with relief for he had me worked up to great desire, and I wondered if I had taught him too well. He worked his hips most exquisitely, and gave me such delicious sensations that I quivered all over. I came many times during this fantastic, somewhat maddening lovemaking session. He chose to retain his seed, and lasted many hours on point. I was impressed at his control, he was a very fine student after all. I dropped off to sleep at dawn as contented as a babe on a teat.

When I wakened I realised that I was still tied to the bunk, I thought he had forgotten, but no, he had another surprise for me. He came for me at noon, “We have reached Ugarit, and now we will go ashore, you and I.” He untied my arms from the bunk, but re-tied them behind my back, and only then untied my legs. “You lying blackguard, what are you up to?” I sobbed to him. He told me to keep my tongue still or he would gag me again. I submitted quietly, waiting for my opportunity when on land again. He put a skirt on me, but nothing to cover my breasts, and then a shawl to hide my arms tied behind me. He frequently reached over and tweaked my nipples making them stand to attention. He put a collar on my neck, and a rope to lead me with, as if I were a goat, and not a priestess.

When we got to the market square of Ugarit, he turned into a side street, and inquired in his Semitic tongue to see the proprietor. A tall man appeared, took one look at me, and gestured us to go into the back room. Ahriman, stripped me bare, and they looked me over, even checking my teeth. I was judged comely and healthy by this procurer of women, and they began to bargain. After an hour of this tiresome interchange, they returned to me. Ahriman tied me to a couch, and spread my legs. The procurer evidently wished to sample the wares before purchasing. He lifted his garment, and exposed his semi-erect penis, he smiled salaciously at me, and stood close to my face waving it at me. I refused to open my mouth and Ahriman slapped me hard. I then submitted to the man, and sucked his penis until it was hard as his wicked heart. He began breathing fast and pulled out of my mouth, he slipped a few pillows under my buttocks to lift me up, and mounted me, grunting and sweating. He humped me for a few minutes as Ahriman watched and became visibly aroused.

Ahriman waited for the procurer to finish, stroking himself impatiently as he watched. He mounted me for the last time, and thrust furiously and wildly in his lust, he came quickly this time, all the while gazing into my eyes. “Goodbye, my lovely, I will get a good price for you, and two young wenches thrown into the bargain, you are on your own now, get your freedom however you may design it.”

The two men completed their bargaining, and I was left in the slave market in Ugarit, in the hands of this buyer and seller of women, named Saeed.

Now Beloved, my lamp is low on oil, and I tire from writing, I will now to my dreams. May the Goddess bless us both, and see that we are together soon. I love you!

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