The Scarlet Letter
Volume VII, Number 2 | March 2002
Hymn-Spell to Thoth-Hermes
by Fr. Ox


Thou art the sayer and thou art the said,
O! King of all Wisdom and Lord of the dead.
O, Most Holy God with the Ibis Head!
Teacher of all that’s taught and to teach,
Bringer of letter and number and speech.
O Wrathful Nada erupting in violence!
Manifest Echo of Supernal Silence!
Thou art the Logos! Thou art the Word!
Come in the form of the Ibis Bird!
Sacred Ibis in the Nile you wade,
Lord of the merchant, protecting his trade.
Revealer of all Science of Number,
Guide throughout the world of slumber.
Inventor of every method of healing,
Limitly, ceaselessly, ever revealing
The movement of Stars about the pole,
Forming the nature of incarnate soul...
Writing the script for her earthbound role.
You rule the Virgin. You rule the Twins.
Eternal Gambler who perpetually wins!
Revealer of rhythm and meter and note,
True source of every memorable quote,
O! Ibis Head God! O! Ibis Head Thoth.
Supernal source of all intellection,
Giver of reason, of clear recollection.
Providing discernment of myriad kind,
Revealer of every omen divined,
Basis of thought and Essence of Mind!
Lord of all Magick, from right and from left.
Lurking at night, protecting from theft.
True prophet of every order of clergy,
Unveiling the Sacred Art of Theurgy.
Teacher and refuge of thy daughter, Isis,
Turned to by Her in every crisis.
Alive in the luminous rays of the Moon,
Aidied by Cthonic, Dog-faced Baboon.
Riding the rays of Horus the Sun,
Guiding to Gnosis of Ineffible One.
To joyfully serve you is my Sacred Duty!
Come in a vision of brilliance and Beauty!
O! Ibis Head God of Old Egypt: TAHUTI!!!
Awaken to me, O! Lord of Truth. Appear to me in epiphany.

Tell me of the [such and such] matter, that I may awaken and realize it. Do all of this in Truth, with no falsehood therein. Do it! Immediately, Immediately! Quickly, Quickly!

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