The Scarlet Letter
Volume VII, Number 2 | March 2002
666 Hebrew Memorization Keypad
by Omega Bodhi

Hebrew Letter Chart
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One form of literal Qabalah is called Temurah (ThMVRH). Temurah is permutation of the letters to created codes and ciphers through substitution, commutation, composition, numeration, attribution, and rules. The most popular method of Temurah is called Aiq Bekar which gets its name from the first six Hebrew letters in that coordinate system, AIQ BKR. (See Crowley’s 777, p. 3-4)

The 666 Hebrew Memorization Keypad resembles Aiq Bekar. It can be similarly used for Temurah, but it’s creation by the author was initiated by a desire to have the numbers in a “keypad” formation for easy calculation of word values. Incidentally, this is also a convenient arrangement for memorizing the Hebrew alphabet. The “666” in the 666 Hebrew Memorization Keypad is derived from the sum of the first row of letters.
A+B+G+Y+K+L+Q+R+Sh = 666.

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