The Scarlet Letter
Volume IV, Number 4 | December 1997
Talx with DarqSyde
By Darqsyde

Little Sister,

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

You ask, “How would I best defend myself, if attacked in a parking lot?”

EyeEnter the dojo and let us speak of Do-Oz: the Way of Oz. Being a professional warrior of over 2 decades, Do-Oz has been my guide in several 'live or die' situations. Liber Oz contains volumes of intuition. An example: each “Man has the right…” passage, when utilized as a Koan, becomes an entrance to Light in Extension. However, passage 5 —“Man has the right to kill those who would thwart these rights” —will be our guide tonight.

Konx —Ponder that statement at length…what rights are you willing to risk death for? Are they not manifestations of Will in action? When I know, in a hazardous scene, that I am in tune w/my Holy Guardian Angel (HGA), I Will to risk death rather than to disregard that all-too-rare sacred communique. To do otherwise would be contradictory to my 93 training. I choose to live and to die as the warrior that I am. Will you? With that in mind, be aware that in many circumstances, Magick is simply a 'go to' subroutine:

1. I desire my result with all my heart
2. I care not one whit if my result happens or not
3. Return. (to previous program)

This represents your decision to enact Liber OZ.

Om —As we talked about earlier, you have discovered (remembered) a trigger to reach your center. (The mind-set brought about by your sexual excitation.) This is the realm your HGA inhabits. This is your 'place' in the universe; you can do no wrong there. As you re-member more, you will re-member other triggers that take you there. The developed warrior can be in this place as soon as the warrior recognizes the need to be there. * Note: the more often you return to your place, the less you involve thought. Thought slows the warrior; thought can kill the warrior. “No think: Do!” —Mr. Miyagi. (Prophets are everywhere, if you but listen.) This is the realm of action, not re-action.

Pax —Now you are at the easiest part of the (survival) process; yet lack of experience here can make this the most difficult. (1) You made a conscious decision to enact Liber Oz; (2) Using your trigger, you returned to your 'place' of no-wrong; (3) You must lose your consciousness and trust the flow of your HGA. In the realm of no-thought, your HGA Wills to flow through you ... if you allow it! When your HGA flows, the particular 'right' technique required to win your survival situation will also flow. As the operator of your particular human being, you are already 'knowing' how to perform martial techniques. It is not necessary to study moves and techniques to employ them. One who studies technique but has not acquired the ability to center (enter the realm of HGA) will not be able to employ the techniques in a useful manner. Conversely, one who can center and allow HGA to flow will survive. The decision whether to use a back elbow, a ridge hand, etc. can not be yours; to attempt to make it yours requires an out-pouring of energy on your part. To allow your HGA to move your body parts as needed requires no energy —in or out—on your part.

A digression: Jean d'Arc “heard voices” at the age of 13; at 17, (the soon-to-be King) Charles VII placed her in command of his troops. In 8 days she lifted the 8 month English siege of Orleans. Of course, the “church” was not ready for this uppity woman, so she was toasted (in a bad way).

The point being—it is unlikely Joan studied the Art of War. Who would teach these secrets to a girl in her pre-teens? Probably when hearing voices, she was in her center & her HGA was “Knowing & Communicating” with her. Her skill flowed without her conscious direction. How often did the male warrior society allow a teenaged girl to be their leader? Be brave...Center...Flow.

Thanx for the smudge upon your last letter. Little Sister, you continue to “arrive.” Let's visit again.

Your escort…

Love is the law, love under will.

Be safe —when contesting the “church” —wear asbestos.

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