The Scarlet Letter
Volume IV, Number 4 | December 1997
Column: The Natural Dreamer
Discovering the Meaning of a Dream
By Sr. Oalimn


There is nothing that can be more frustrating than having a great dream but not being able to decipher its meaning. Through my own experiences I have found that breaking down the dream--almost like diagramming a sentence in English class--is very useful. It is also important to have an understanding of what is happening in your day-to-day life.

For example: Chester had a dream that he was in the ocean swimming. Suddenly the current became very strong—winds were fierce and he grew very tired quickly. Chester then started to drown because the storm was too strong for him to stay afloat. He woke up. Now Chester tells me that in reality he is totally overwhelmed with school and work. He has midterm exams and he is not at all prepared to take them. Can you see how Chester might have dreamed about drowning?

This is an easy case to solve, but what about dreams that are so bizarre that you feel like you're in a David Lynch film? As a magician, you have many tools at your disposal to begin deciphering your wacky dreams. I strongly recommend utilizing 777 and digging deep into your intellect for the meaning. Always remember the five senses when interpreting. This will help you break down the puzzle further. There are basic interpretations of colors like blue equals cold, sorrow, red for heat, anger, etc. Whatever your system is, use it.

Someone once asked me, if they dream about someone and in their dream that person dies, should they tell the person? Absolutely! Just because you dreamed of death does not mean that person will die. Well eventually we all die, but you know what I mean. Perhaps that person has an illness, and you could allow them to take the necessary steps to cure themselves. Or maybe that person will go through some dramatic change and you are preparing them for it. Remember, our dreams can be messages, whether for good or for ill. Keep a journal by your nightstand and if you are not disciplined enough to record all of your dreams, at least write down the ones that are disturbing in some way.

Don't forget, if you have any questions about dreaming, please write to the Scarlet Letter [Oalimn is no longer available for coorespondence —ed]. I will answer them to the best of my ability. For now, ciao!

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