The Scarlet Letter
Volume IV, Number 3 | September 1997
Talx with DarqSyde
By DarqSyde

Little Sister,

Your story intrigues me; you continue to be my “…Teacher is there.” (This even tho’ I am your escort.) Your orgasm— (w/out physical manipulation) during a relaxed yet intense fantasy & Inner-EyeJi blast of having your partner chained to a wall in front of you—is but a sign-post along your Going.

My spirit wills to occupy a particular size (sphere?) around my physicality. Perhaps your Inner-JI has filled its space and as you flow your Will longer and more frequently your Inner-JI (IJ) ‘compacts’ into a more refined, more energetic condition. This natural condition is enveloping you with an evolving re-member-ance of union.

Konx…This rememberance is of such intense return to your original nature that often - orgasm ensues. Your orgasm is your pop-off valve. How close can you get to your orgasm w/out passing your event horizon? Replay time up to that point - then backwards to the beginning of your arousal. Allow your IJ to center itself. Now flow it into your play. Keep your partner, your IJ, and yourself in the Now… in your sphere. You flow the Bitch Goddess flows you.

Om…The IJ you are flowing with consciousness now becomes as your 1st orgasm did. You are energetic within the body of your sphere. Allow that spiraling around the orgasm w/in your sphere. Again —how close can you get to your orgasm w/out passing your event horizon? Again —reverse time up to that point. Allow your IJ to center itself. Before, y’all were the point, Hadit inside your sphere of Nuit.

Yet Now, y’all slip into the Being of Nuit with your IJ as the Point. It is at this juncture of space-time where the roles flip: the Point into the All; Hadit into Nuit, that orgasm may erupt —that is generated within your sphere. The sphere that contains your physicality. Within which originates orgasmic input. Whirlings w/in whirlings.

Pax…Your initiation has now achieved closure —a return to the beginning. This 3rd-level orgasm resides in is your understanding. Cycle this technique —use these mechanics as a mantra, then dis-solve technique, terminology, and lift out through mantra. Dwell in Understanding, not Reason. Upon that lightening bolt of Understanding—burn this letter; it has always been useless; just so much babble. Your Inca, your proof of Understanding w/in this system will be the smudged ashes of this letter upon your next note to me. Your mounting self-awareness and self-assurance provokes such a wetness.

Let’s visit again.

Your escort…DarqSyde

Love is the law, love under will.

Be safe: never masturbate with a self-winding watch.

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