The Scarlet Letter
Volume IV, Number 3 | September 1997
Column: The Natural Dreamer
Dreaming in Color
By Sr. Oalimn

CardsMany people have the ability to dream in color and it would probably seem unnatural for them to dream in any other way. But there are others who only dream in black and white. I cannot claim to know the scientific facts that determine why people dream in color versus black and white, but I can give some advice and techniques that one can use to help achieve the result of dreaming in color. 

First, it is important to remember that the techniques I will be giving you to use take patience and discipline. You will need to have a journal and I recommend keeping it on the night stand with a pen. One method that I and many others have used to implement color in the dream is daydreaming. As you begin, it is important to be in a space that you are comfortable with. I personally find it easy to daydream anywhere. I recommend using your intuition to determine what feels right to you. After you have prepared your space, it is time to regulate your breathing so that the air flows freely and is not forced. Meditating or breathing exercises are good to start with. You are now finally relaxed. Next it is time to set the mind in motion. While you are daydreaming, pick out certain objects in your daydream and think of the color. For example dream of a blue ocean or green pastures. Keep up this exercise for five minutes. It is important to continue your daydreaming practice for at least seven days. Remember to write down any changes that might occur in your dreams at night.

The next method that can be helpful for dreaming in color is staring at bright colors or pictures right before you go to bed. If you are thinking about this before you go to sleep it is very likely that you will dream about it. Something that I do quite often before sleeping is to tell myself out loud what I wish to dream about that evening. For example, “I will dream in color tonight!” You can keep using this mantra every night before you go to bed.

Herbal concoctions as have been used traditionally by many cultures. The usage of such herbs to stimulate the mind and calm the soul for a night of adventure in dreamland can be helpful in learning to dream in color. I caution you to research on your own the proper way to dispense these herbs. Anyone who is pregnant, nursing , diabetic or has any other major illnesses, should use extreme caution with any herbs.

Sage or Red Sage can be used as a tonic tea and should not be taken for more than a week. Sage can get rid of bad dreams or nightmares. But it can also increase memory and mental abilities. Valerian Root is used to raise and commune with spirits. It should not be boiled. Blessed Thistle can be put in a bath. This calms and rejuvenates the mind so that dreaming may come easier. Catnip tea made with Chamomile, Spearmint, and Lemon Balm relaxes the nerves and eases tension out of the body. This can be good for achieving prophetic type dreams. Gotu Kola or Indian Pennywort can be used to stimulate circulation to the brain and increase mental activity. These methods can be used to aide us in our work in the dream world. It is wise to always use caution and research everything before you use any of these herbal methods. A Brother told me that he uses Mugwort mixed with Lavender and stuffs it into a small cotton pillow and places it near his head before going to sleep. He is very pleased with the results in enhancing his ability to dream in color.

I encourage those of you who are journeying on this path to write to me with any questions that you may have in care of the Scarlet Woman Lodge. I am always happy to share my knowledge and experiences with you. [note: Sr. Oalimn is no longer available for coorespondence—ed.] I will continue with Part Three in the next issue. For now I bid you all sweet dreams.

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