The Scarlet Letter
Volume IV, Number 1 | March 1997
Out of My Mind
by Fr. Sharash, Editor

It is related, 0 auspicious reader, that there was once an energetic young man, who, being of Aquarian nature, took on every stray project that crossed his path. This went on for a number of years, until one day he realized he had accepted more projects than he could possibly complete, and not only that, but he had withered from his original strength and brilliance for the stress he had placed upon himself. He had been hounded endlessly by that terrible and great demon called Dedlein who was ever present and caused great calamity if it was ever ignored.

Now, this energetic man withered beyond doing extra projects, which once filled his heart with joy, despaired and became despondent. One day, as he was doing battle with the mighty demon Dedlein, became somewhat peeved as he attempted to pull on the old strength that - had been absent for quite some time. In his anxiety, he called upon the thrice Great Name of God and was thrown to the ground in an instant with the glory of the Lord's Presence.

"0, Supreme Lord of all life, Master of the Earth and Sky, Replenisher of the Great Seas, and Force of the Fire that bums everlastingly," he cried. "Speak," said the deafening voice of the All Powerful.

With this, the young man lamented, "I am a man among men, yet I have applied myself to such a great extent that my strength withers away, and I find myself beaten over and over by that demon Dedlein. Furthermore, I am wearied of mind of my former projects and wish to be refreshed by new ones, and yet I have no time nor strength to undertake them!"

"Young man," said the Supreme, "why have you not done away with that which ails you?" "Generosity?" ventured the young man. "Stupidity!" answered the Lord of All. "Furthermore, I say unto you, that thou art GOD! Change this thing as you Will!" "But," stammered the young man, "this cannot be true! For who art Thou?" "Your spokesperson, 0 ye of little faith, and even smaller stature," retorted the Spokesperson of the God who was the young man himself. And thereupon the young man became enlightened and fell upon his bottom in a state of amazement.

After this, the young man in his state of astonishment, vowed to put away those things which strayed him from the path of his True Will, and made haste to find another to fill the post of which he had held for so long. The search has ended, 0 auspicious reader, and thus ends this segment of the ongoing tale of your humble Editor.

At this point, the Editor who was the young man in the story, saw the approach of a new beginning, and discreetly fell Silent.

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