The Scarlet Letter
Volume IV, Number 1 | March 1997

Dear Scarlet Letter Editor and Sr. Sphinx, T.R.,

I would hate to start this letter out on the wrong foot, but I am. In regards to your article, "Never Invoke Anything Bigger Than Your Head," SL Vol. III, No. 4, the posture was taken that this was a completely juvenile statement. On the contrary, it is obviously a humorous way to announce largely understated measures of stead common sense. I would normally point out that the author of the article must have missed the intent of this phrase utterly, but I will not, judging from the flagrant display of authority on the subject. The author certainly must know what she is talking about. I will however, offer an alternative interpretation of this axiom.

It has to do more with observing caution when dealing with forces that are certainly beyond the control of the magician, especially when there is no measurable experience in this area, than just the good-natured jesting of magicians who are wet behind the ears.

There is a particular line of thought that “the universe is only as big as your own head.” This apparently means different people's subjective and observable universes contain varying degrees of information. Outside of this ever expanding universe, we have no information. As soon as we experience something outside of our previous experience, it becomes integrated, labeled, and indeed, our own universe becomes bigger. But sometimes not without disastrous results.

In my own opinion, and evidently also whoever coined the phrase, higgly-piggly invoking some divine force that you never heard of, nor cared about, nor done any research on, without good reason, may do more than just widen one's particular comer of the universe. Crispy critter comes to mind, or it just may make one the most annoying person within one's sphere of influence.

In all fairness, Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. But until it is, it would definitely be wise to observe precaution. And just because one is an experienced magician, to quote Crowley, “looking wise,” is no use “when there is an Abramelin demon gnawing you below the belt, or burbling about the Sanctuary when the Goat of Mendes is threatening you with a 70 h.p. six cylinder, four-speed, gnarled clyster.” It may expand your universe, but you probably won't like it.

Sr. Notorious

PS. By the way, I really enjoyed reading the article. It was very well written and I nearly fell out of my chair laughing! Keep up the good work “y'all” down there in the heart of Texas! And yes, I do, on occasion, whistle when I'm pissing.

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