The Scarlet Letter
Volume III, Number 4 | December 1996
Special Report
By Sr. Sulis

Congratulations are in order to former Austinite, Frater Insanus, on the establishment of Serpent in Balance Camp, in the Valley of Orlando, congenially dubbed "The Land of the Rat." It was not the rats, however, that attracted Fr. I. to Florida. "It was the high quality Cuban goats that abound in remote swamps."

Frater Insanus, and his lovely wife, Soror Isis etc., are outspoken Goat's Rights activists, advocating that one should never go to the goat. The newly appointed Camp Master advises that once one opens oneself to the infinite possibilities of the universe, the goat will always come to you. This apparently has its drawbacks. "It's been a big problem, actually," his wife claims. "You'd wake up in the morning, and open the door to let out the cats, and there they'd be, five, maybe six goats, making the biggest goddamned racket."

In spite of neighborhood complaints about the noise, the Serpent in Balance Group intends to continue its quest for freedom in accordance with The Book of the Law. They have been publishing a monthly newsletter and performing the Gnostic Mass on a regular basis. The members of the Camp, initiated earlier this year under the auspices of Scarlet Woman Oasis, are enthusiastic Thelemites, and are discovering such joys as Crowley Cups, which they claim helps mask the goat stench during rituals.

Order members traveling to the Orlando area are invited to look up Frater and Soror I & I etc. at Casa D'If to find out what events are scheduled. "Come and see us! Don't worry about the goats, we will make sure they are bathed before any visitors arrive!" Frater Insanus assures. The address for SIB Group is P.O. Box 616336, Orlando, FL 32861-6336.

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