The Scarlet Letter
Volume III, Number 4 | December 1996
Mysteries Not Pertaining to the Sixth Grade
By Sr. Sulis

Most of us did not grow up as Thelemites. So, it is with interest that I observe the children in our community develop, listening to stories of baby Jacobus cooing "Αγιοσ, Αγιοσ, Αγιοσ" from the cradle, or little Nuit's clever banishings. My eldest is a fairly bright and articulate lad, and has been in the background of many a gathering, rite and ritual. I decided to interview him to see what he has, or has not, picked up. The results are, well, you judge for yourself!

Mom: Do you know what the O.T.O. is?

Sigma: Uh, it's a kind of a church?

Mom: Sort of, although it is the E.G.C. that is the church. The O.T.O. has, ah, magicians.

Sigma: Oh, well, magicians are much cooler.

Mom: Why?

Sigma: Because they do cool pyrotechnical stuff like throwing copper into fires to turn the flames green. I saw them do that Samhain.

Mom: What is The Book of the Law?

Sigma: It is a book written in three parts by Aleister Crowley when he was supposed to be hearing Ra Hoor Khuit.

Mom: Do you think he was hearing Ra Hoor Khuit?

Sigma: I don't know.

Mom: Who is Ra Hoor Khuit?

Sigma: The Egyptian God of War!

Mom: And what did this god tell Crowley?

Sigma: I can't remember exactly. Something about curses and engines of war. Whatever that means; I'm sure it's important.

Mom: What is the Stele of Revealing?

Sigma: An old Egyptian picture.

Mom: Why is it important to Thelemites?

Sigma: Because it is an old Egyptian picture, silly. All old Egyptian pictures are important, at least, that's what I think.

Mom: What do you know about magick?

Sigma: Well, I know they do really cool pyrotechnical things. Ra Hoor Khuit probably rules really cool pyrotechnical stuff.

Mom: Tell me about Will.

Sigma: I hate him.

Mom: Hmmmm... okay, who is Aleister Crowley?

Sigma: He's an old guy.

Mom: What did he do, besides listen to Ra Hoor Khuit?

Sigma: He did old guy stuff. He wrote The Book of the Law.

Mom: Why do we talk about him all the time?

Sigma: Because he wrote a bunch of really cool books.

Mom: Can you name a few?

Sigma: (sneaking a glance at the bookshelf), ah, 777, The Holy Books of Thelema, Book 4. And The Book of the Law.

Mom: Have you read any of those books?

Sigma: Hey, give me a break, I'm only in the sixth grade! Maybe when I get to the seventh grade, I'll read them!

Mom: Okay, Okay! Back to Crowley, was he a magician?

Sigma: I think so.

Mom: Do you think he did really cool pyrotechnical stuff'?

Sigma: No, he wasn't cool. He was old.

Mom: What do you think about the Gnostic Mass.

Sigma: Um, it's rated X! I don't really know what to think about it. I don't think I should criticize people, and besides, I don't know what's good and what's bad because I've never seen any other kind of Mass, just banishings and stuff. Once I got to help.

Mom: What are initiations?

Sigma: I don't know! No one will tell me! Maybe if I get one of those engines of war...what are those for real?

Mom: I can't comment on that, I'd be a Center of Pestilence!

Sigma: My Mom, a Center of Pessimist? Does that mean you're a bad influence?

Mom: I think, Sigma dear, it's time for you to go to bed!

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