The Scarlet Letter
Volume III, Number 4 | December 1996
Out of My Mind
By Fr. Sharash, Editor

The pickle...a constant reminder to me that my life is not as serious as I imagine it to be. Great connoisseurs of the pickle art, those Polish are. No wonder they have a great sense of humor.

Anyway, here's the news: The Scarlet Letter in its everchanging venue, staff, and artistic license (not to mention taste), is on its way to yet another manifestation. Due to rising costs, lack of artists for free, and a range of other manifestations, we have yet another look. "New and Improved" the commercial box would probably read.

If you haven't already noticed, (and I'm sure your intellect has no doubt seized upon), this is the umpteenth manifestation of the Editorial Policy. Please read it carefully. It contains all the information you could ever think of about the current policies, rules, regulations of this newsletter. If you are numbered among "those who trash the documentation and call tech support," please read it, just once. For me. For me!

The aforesaid policy contains a virtual cornucopia of information regarding, specifically, Subscriptions! Yep. I'll bet you thought it was in the [Magical] Link. Not this year, anyway. It also contains the very important and boring policy regarding submissions. Plus, as an added bonus, there is no mention of pickles whatsoever in the entire policy!

So, please. I beg of you, screw yourself down with machine bolts if you have to. Drink three full pots of expresso with four teaspoons of sugar per cup. Just take a gander at that thing. It took us hours and hours to write, sleepless nights notwithstanding. Just do it. Okay. Now with the senseless threats: If you don't, I shall be forced to taunt you with my pickle.

That having been said, I leave you with only the greenest of thoughts...

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