The Scarlet Letter
Volume III, Number 1 | Sept. 1995
[Column] Powertools: Low-Tech For The High Magickian
The Wounded Healer
By S. Oroboros

Our culture as a whole tends to be over-intellectualized. So many people walk around with their consciousness two feet above their shoulders, daring not to cross the sword bridge that lies in Daath (the throat). This dis-integration leads to a variety of maladies, including denial of emotions, fear of the body, fear of sexual energy and fear of death. As magickians, at some time or another we all have to cross that sword bridge in order to reach our full human potential and make ourselves whole. This is the journey of the wounded healer. Having crossed over, one begins to understand a little about how to heal one's self and others. I will relate the little bit that I have picked up along the way.

The subconscious is nothing if it is not the body. People use the term "subconscious mind" and tend to think of the subconscious as being resident in the mind. This is a very cerebral conception. True, coordination for the body-subconscious is conducted in the brain, but it's Qoph, the moon, the back of the bus, the reptile brain, the cerebellum. AlchemyMost types of powerful ritual such as tantra yoga and ceremonial magick work in part by influencing the body-subconscious through mudras. The mudra-antennae serve to transmit and receive signals to and from the universe. Energy courses through our bodies like so many rivers and waterfalls. These meridians of energy cannot be found by a surgeon's scalpel, nor can they be perceived by the five senses. Yet when properly tuned, the body contains within itself an antenna that can pick up and transmit these subtle streams. In this way universal healing energy can be channeled through the healer who has made herself into a receiver for mudra-antenna communications.

Unlike our material body, our oceanic energy body stretches to the ends of the universe; it is infinite. This auric ocean is fed by rivers of energy that flow from our bodies. These rivers flow into the seas of the major chakrahs, the lakes of the minor chakrahs, and the ponds and pools of the hollows of the body that make up accupressure points. Illness occurs when these bodies of "water" become flooded, dried up, dammed up, or polluted over a period of time. To correct an illness from an energetic standpoint, we must first bring awareness to it, and then we must work with it to create the floodgate or the irrigation ditch, as is appropriate.

Let us return to the use of the body-subconscious as a tool. Take the example of a partially closed chakras. The first thing to do is to bring awareness there. Feel into it. Vibrate words associated with the chakras. Trace symbols of power on the chakras, knock on it, cut it, paint it, pinch it, pierce it, tattoo it, put crystals on it, manipulate it in anyway you see fit. Physically impacting the chakra will invariably cause the back door to swing open long before the front door would through mentation only. However, mentation does have its place in this process and that is through the Will. As you knock on your body-subconscious, your intent should be clear. That is all. This process sounds simple, but it often takes time and perseverance to remove energy blocks accrued from injuries long forgotten.

Here are some simple techniques for energy and healing work that I have found to be effective:

As a general tonic, find joy in union. Give and receive lots of hugs. Have sex often.

Breathe deeply and rhythmically and send the energy of your breath to the place that needs healing.

Create your own secret healing symbols to use on yourself and others. They may be simple or complex. They should make sense to you. By repeated use, they will gather power. Feed them energy by using them even when you are not ill.

Use creative visualization-it works. Imagine your white T-cells as mighty Templar Knights charging off to do battle against dis-ease in the cause of of freedom, according to the Book of the Law.

Bring energy to the surface of your body with a "slap bath." Start with your right and on the back of your left shoulder and start slapping yourself. Proceed down the top of the arm to the hand and then back on the underside of the arm. Repeat for the other side. Slap down the front of the chest, belly, hips and legs. Slap back up the posterior body, the back of the head, the crown and finally the face. This should leave you feeling alert and energized.

Another energizer that is a good caffeine substitute is the bristle brush massage. Buy a bristled bath brush and starting at the feet, brush it briskly upwards toward the heart. Brush the entire body. This takes five minutes max. is a great way to start the day.

Explore the accupressure points in the body by applying mild pressure with the thumb or fingers. If you are intuitive, you don't really need a book or a class to do generic energy balancing. Almost any hollow in the body is a place where energy pools. Try applying light pressure to the occiput, the ears, the feet, the tail bone, the throat, below the sternum, behind the knees, etc. You can do a lot for yourself with the combination of awareness, intent and body manipulation.

Use the hands a few inches from the body to manipulate the bioplasmic field. Places of illness or imbalance will feel different from the rest of the body. They may feel hot, cold, lumpy, or magnetically attracting or repulsing. Smooth out these imbalances with the minor chakrahs of the hands. Be sure your healing energy is coming to you from a higher source (I use Nuit-Isis). If you use your own body's energy for healing you may get sick or fatigued yourself. When ill, eat foods that vibrate with a maximum of solar-life energy like fresh fruits and vegetables. Processed foods have substantially less vitality to impart.

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