The Scarlet Letter
Volume III, Number 1 | Sept. 1995


A few [Scarlet Letters] have found their way into my grubby little paws. The quality and quantity therein is astonishing. Thank you. I was particularly pleased to read the excellent article on the function and role of the children in the G. Mass “Auspices for Acolytes.” I love the idea of the children holding the weapons at different levels as they circumambulate. I know I read this a year late (never was a fast reader) and since then you've probably tried this one out for yourselves. In Abrasax, over the past few years we've been experimenting with the travels and positions of the children as they move up the Temple, to cross over from side to side, playing with the polarities, producing a caduceus effect. We use one version for small Temples and those children who are new to ritual or the Mass and the travelling version for those more experienced.

Now then, I am currently buying dollars to send to you for more copies of your organ. Also in exchange, I can send a few copies of Space Marks, which I cobble together quarterly. It's just a newsletter and I don't allow anything funny in what so ever. Have you ever come accross “Beastly” from Down Under? It's a jolly good read.

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All the Beast!

Sr. Astrae