The Scarlet Letter
Volume II, Number 4 | May 1995
Pillow Talk
by Sr. Lillith

Do Thelemites Kiss and Tell?

This past quarter Scarlet Woman Camp has been graced by many visiting brethren from other valleys far and wide. With the award for most miles traveled, Lodge Masters Fr. Hu and Sr. Lotus from Victoria City Lodge in Canada joined us for a few days on their journey from North Carolina to California. Traveling bard and Frater Adam Walks Between Worlds from northern California joined us for a few days in Austin and adorned our Council of the Magickal Arts Beltane campsite with his music and smiles. It has been two years since Adam visited Austin last and we hope he returns sooner this time. He wrote us a lovely letter about who and what he found here which you can read on page three.

Most recently (last but not least!) Frater Superior Hymenaus Beta from North Carolina stayed with us for a week while working on materials at the University of Texas Harry Ransom Center (library). We were fortunate to have him here on a busy festival weekend with The Feast of Cattle Little and Big, a Gnostic Mass, three Confirmations, and a Gnostic Animal Blessing. But the most fun was hanging out in the back yard hot tub and around a fire just chatting with him and all the camp members.

Our good guests enjoyed many a dinner, casual gatherings of Thelemites, a few special events and our regular mass performances. In addition to the traveling siblings, our nearer neighbors from Khonsu Thoth Camp in Hurst, Apotheosis Camp in Channelview and Fr. Hunahpu and Sr. Ixel Balarnke from Sekhet-Bast-Ra Oasis in Oklahoma City joined us for a spring equinox Thelemic Retreat.

The retreat was, I dare say; wildly successful overall, if I judge it by the number of requests for a reprisal. We all slept in the lodge building, got to know each other better, and had a grand time. Scheduled activities included O.T.O. degree workings, community meals replete with Thelemic party games, and workshops on topics as diverse as Enochian magic and talismans. We also did a Gnostic Mass with baptisms before and confirmations after.

The featured lecture was on the Gnostic Saints presented by Sr. Ixel Balamke and Fr. Hunahpu. Wow! What a store of knowledge they have. They publish scholarly material in their newsletter Ophiuchus in case you want to learn about this for yourself. We wound up the weekend with an amazing Equinox Ritual/Mystery play authored by Fr. Χεφρα. Copies of that ritual may well be made available by Scarlet Woman Camp at a future date if you want to try the energy forms on for yourself.

Expansion Beyond our Wildest Dreams

We performed fourteen Gnostic Masses, twelve Baptisms, eight Confirmations, and Ordained two Deacons (Fr. Am and Fr. Neognos Basileus) between January 1 and May 15th. Camp business meetings went on once a month as usual. A new regular bi-weekly event is the Thelema Study Group hosted by Sr. BreAnna Ashtara and facilitated by various camp members in turn. At these meetings we gather to review and discuss important documents and aspects that make up our Thelemic culture.

We held Minerval initiations on January 28th and March 11; (take a deep breath) welcome to Sr. Breanna Ashtara, Br. Brian R., Sr. Emerald, Fr. Enoch Las, Sr. Epiphany, Fr. Iktome, Sr. Lavrael, Fr. Mail, Fr. Malakai, Br. Randall, Sr. Sepheron, Fr. Siohana, Fr. Cyclesage, Fr. Titvs, and Fr. Usiel. Yet more Minervals coming soon to the SWC temple near you on May 20th.

A few hardy Minerval souls went on during the same quarter to I° initiations on May 6. Congratulations to new urder members Sr. Bastien, Sr. Voluspa, and Fr. Kairete Nikomen. Reliable rumors have it that home grown candidates have paperwork in for initiations to I° through III° for this summer.

Ought to keep Fr. Sharash and Sr. Continuity busy passing on the current.

A Feast Every Day in Your Heart

In keeping with our passion for pointed social gatherings we met for each of the Three Days of the Writing of The Book of the Law. First chapter was hosted by Sr. Lillith, Fr. Sharash and Fr. Kestrel. Collective creative efforts produced a collage mural with images from the First Chapter including a Fool with his 111. Second night was hosted by Fr. Pnesomauma where we took turns gently vying for the center of the circle to read verses. Third chapter was hosted by Sr. Continuity and attendees were asked to come masked. A silent Star Ruby performed by Fr. Omega Baphomet was a memorable highlight of that evening.

We have also been busy celebrating the Feasts of the Times ably led in original high energy ritual, written by Fr. Pnesomauma. We observed the Feast of the Stars on February 3rd when the sun was in Aquarius and the Feast of Cattle Little and Big on May 1st for the sun in Taurus. I wonder what is in store for us during Sun in Leo in early August.

Just to prove we practice what we preach, we held a Gnostic Animal Blessing led by Sr. Continuity and Fr. Pnesomauma. It was well attended by our cats, dogs, 1 snake, and a toad (all escorted by their caretakers course). That ritual can be found in a previous issue of The Scarlet Letter—do try this at home!

Lesser Feast anniversaries were celebrated by Fr. Sharash (his 30th for which we threw a wake complete with memorial service, it was wonderful), Fr. Kestrel (spent his birthday in Mexico), S.Oroboros (our Scarlet Valentine), Sr. Voluspa, Sr. BreAnna Ashtara, and most recently Fr. Sharash & Sr. Lillith's son Sebastian who celebrated his second anniversary, yes the terrible twos. My apologies to anyone who had a Lesser Feast day that I missed on this listing, Happy Birth Day to you, too.

All In The Family

Sr. Esoterica and Sr. Sepheron moved on to a new space in their own apartment. Fr. Omega Baphomet and S.Oroboros have consolidated their belongings and bills and taken up residence at the Bodhi Yoga Center. We welcome Fr. Omega Baphomet's son Richard to Austin and give our love and support to his dad and S.Oroboros in their new role as parents to a teenager.

Sr. Lillith added yet another black robe to her collection after matriculating from St. Edward's Urnversity undergraduate program with a hard-earned BBA. Some fun numbers accompanied this cultural initiatory event. Sr. Lillith's undergraduate career spanned 11 years, she graduated in the 109th class from St. Edward's, sat in row 9 at the commencement exercises and was the 119th person to receive her diploma at that ceremony. The valedictory address was about magic. Figures, huh?

This is a month for working Scarlet Women. Sr. Voluspa is actively job hunting in the area of accounting (I am sure the perfect job is waiting just around the corner for her even as I speak. I believe Sr. Oalimn was just asked to a second interview for a job doing technical recruiting. Sr. Lillith (that's me!) starts a new high paying contract job administrating a project management database tomorrow morning.

S.Oroboros is becoming a figment of our imagination since she is busy with a regular day job, working on the Bodhi Center weekends, and attending massage school nights. This crazy schedule is all part of her effort to move into a new career incarnation and less stressful lifestyle. Guess the pendulum has to swing far in one direction to reach the desired balance on the other side.

After much waffling (Fr. Sharash was ready to pour the syrup) Fr. Insanvs and his lady Isis Insania moved back to his home town in Florida this weekend in order to be closer to his young son. Best wishes for success and accomplishment of their true wills in their new home.

Rumor Has It

Maybe I am just tired but I can't think of a single piece of unsubstantiated gossip to write about this time around. Although, I am considering hostessing another Thelemic Retreat this fall, maybe at the beach, maybe it will include some initiations, maybe... watch for further news of this event in upcoming issues of The Scarlet Letter.

My personal news has been covered elsewhere in this column so without further ado I will wish you a lovely early summer and encourage you to go on and read the rest of this wonderful newsletter. Go on, go on... what are you waiting for? A revelation of something? This ain't no stele folks... get out of here... see you next time!

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