The Scarlet Letter
Volume II, Number 3 | Feburary 1995
Control During Possession
by Fr. Χεφρα

SightOne of the Others that I channeled was particularly interested in showing me as much as he could about my hidden self. He suggested a method of controlling the effects and duration of possession. Before I explain the method, a few definitions are in order.

First, the words channeling, possession, and mediumship have been rendered incomprehensible after forty-some years of being hashed about by the occult press.

Possession connotes being out of one's own control, and in the control of another. Mediumship and channeling imply a level of control of possession, balancing one's own power against the Other's. The Others are the ones who are doing the possessing or the ones being channeled, be they gods, spirits, or extraterrestrials. In the discussion below, practicing Kaballists may want to exchange any instance of the word hook with Sepheroth.

There are two concepts which should be mastered in order for this method to work. The first is "energy signatures," the second is "hook control." Energy signatures are best described as the set of feelings you have when you think about someone. Everybody hums constantly—their heart beats, their blood pumps, and their hundreds of miles of nerves are sending and receiving messages. When we try to understand what our senses tell us about this hum, we may see it as an aura around the person or use it subconsciously to determine our first impression of someone.

The first step in using energy signatures is to try to be conscious of them in everyday life. When you shake hands with someone, you get to feel their aura in your hand. Try to let that sensation use more of your brain than it usually gets by delaying the standard "clothing taste test" until after you've been able to mull over their aura.

At first you may not notice much, but if you continue to be conscious of their auras in this way, you will soon begin to notice differences and similarities between auras. You may even begin to notice how the aura of a room changes when people enter and leave.

During your meditation (you do meditate, right? Y'know, if you meditate frequently you learn the skills which allow you to quiet your brain on demand, deal with stress reliably, and explore the hidden nature of your being. Regular meditation is highly recommended), quickly flash in your mind the image of a close friend and pay attention to the reaction your body has to that mental image. That reaction is partly your body's attempt to harmonize with the aura of your close friend. That means you already know what your friend's aura is like, even if you can't consciously reproduce that aura before yourself at will or on paper through description.

Practice remembering your friends' auras when they are away. Compare them to your own. Try to remember the aura of a person you met briefly at a party. You don't need to see it or describe it, just notice your body's reaction when you invoke the memory of another person. (For advanced students: Try to generate other people's auras as energy forms in or with your hands.)

For "hook control" one must utilize control of one's hidden body. Suppose that the hidden body, or soul, has a certain shape and that it correlates with the general shape of your body. The soul, in this context, has a series of hooks arrayed along three vertical columns on the soul. It is on these hooks that your body links to your soul and it is on these hooks that Others can gain control of your body, thus causing a state of possession.

Suffice it to say that you have a great deal of control of exactly what is on your "hooks," especially if you are aware or them and look to understand them. Again, for this discussion, I shall simplify greatly and only deal with three of the hooks - one near the head, one near the heart, and one near the groin. A good text on the Kaballah will shed a great deal of light on the other hooks.

You can, with conscious effort, "set" the hooks to various states. Typically, one's hooks are in a closed, locked state which is very convenient for most functions and prevents random possession. States which are useful include a receptive state, and a controlled open state.

A closed state can be imagined as a hook that has been twisted until its point is down so that nothing can hang on it. A receptive state can be imagined as a hook with its point up, allowing things to hang on it freely. A controlled open state is where the hook points straight out and you can determine at

will what will hang on it. Changing the state of a hook consists of entering a meditative or trance state, focusing on the hook that you wish to change, determining what state the hook shall have, and allowing "clean" energy to pass through the hook in its new configuration.

The hook that is located near your head is the one that allows a channeler to communicate the words of the Others. Setting this hook to a receptive mode allows one to hear and sometimes forces one to say the words of an Other. The hook at your groin allows an Other to take on your body as its own, if it is set to a receptive state. The hook at your heart is one that allows Others to channel their energy through you and into the material world, if they are allowed to hang from it.

Hooks can he "trained" to respond favorably to certain auras or energy signatures, so that your favorite Other can always gain communicative access through a trained top hook, for example. Imagine a ring that could hang on one of your hooks. This ring could he constructed entirely of an aura or energy signature. During possessive contact with an other, these aura rings can be placed on the hooks the Other is actually connected to. When not in a possessed state, these rings buzz your hooks when the Other wishes to contact and they also buzz the Other when the medium wants contact.

When dealing with Others that could challenge or easily overwhelm the medium, it is important that the medium either choose benevolent Others or takes appropriate actions to protect him-or herself, such as protection and banishing rituals.

** For advanced students only: There are four hooks that can be used to maintain a level of constant communication with an Other. These hooks are the top and bottom hooks on the left and s. When rings for Others are kept on these hooks, full-body possession can take place quickly and at command. There was, for example, one Other that I was in fairly constant contact with for three months. He had rings on all four hooks and I had trained my heart and head hooks to his aura. At a time we agreed on, he could channel through me and wield a good portion of his energy through me. Again, it is presumed that the heart hook would not be receptive for any but the most benevolent Others.

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