The Scarlet Letter
Volume II, Number 3 | Feburary 1995
Pillow Talk
by Sr. Lillith

Our story this time begins on a dark and stonily night at the end of October... has it really been that long? I gotta start writing this article in parts as things occur. October was a lifetime ago. I am going to abbreviate the official camp news to mere statistics this time. Of course you know what they say about statistics, but I swear this is all true.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Then There's Statistics

On November 6th, 1994 we welcomed two new first degree Brothers. Congrats to Frater Aquarius and Frater Parsival, both of our growing San Antonio contingent.

We performed six masses this past quarter. We carried out two masses a month, as we planned. Our new schedule calls for four masses a month. Attendance has climbed to 20-30 congregants per mass and communication has become a marathon event. Kudos to all our currently functioning mass teams which are Fr. Sharash & Sr. Lillith, Br. Dionysis Soter & Sr. Athena Ariagne, Br. Meitreya & Sr. Hortus Inclusus, and most recently Sr. Esoterica & Br. Ardruin. There are two more working teams and a loose Priestess on deck and we have a plethura of ordained Deacons wandering around, both bound and loose.

Business meetings went on once a month as usual. There are so many activities going on I can hardly review them all anymore. But one ritual performed at a business meeting stands out in my mind. It was a group Sealing ritual written and coordinated by Fr. Pi. Really slick! Simple and effective. Lets see that one again...

Special CONGRATULATIONS to our Camp Master, Sr. Continuity who recently recieved her charter to Initiate. We now have two local initiators (Sharash & Continuity) just in time to handle the influx of 20 new Minervals over the next two month, and inevitable (wonderful!) applications for first degree that will follow thereon.


Frater Sharash & Soror Lillith welcomed new baby Zarah Raizel born November 21st, 1994. She is a healthy sweet-tempered baby girl with a stellium of planets in Scorpio. Look out world! (An astrologer friend of mine advised me to inform Sharash that he doesn't have a daughter, he has a Sorceress.) Her Gnostic infant benediction followed about two weeks later during which S.Oroboros and Fr. Kestrel became her E.G.C. Godparents.

October 28th, 1994 we celebrated the wedding of Fr. Omega Baphomet & S.Oroboros. We wish them happiness and prosperity in their new union. The ceremony was a really nifty dramatic presentation based on the Tree of Life.

Several camp members had grandparents take their Greater Feast this winter season. Fr. Insanvs' Nanny Nettles, Sr. Oalimn's grandmother, and Sr Lillith's Grandma Peggy all passed away. May they be granted the accomplishment qf their wills.

All In The Family

The Scarlet Tantra Yoga Center changed ownership and evolved into the Bodhi Yoga Center. Fr. Omega Baphomet and S.Oroboros now own the center and Scarlet Woman Camp continues to utilize it as our primary temple space. Many camp members teach and take classes there as well.

Half of the duplex that Sr. Esoterica occupied burned down recently. Fortunately Esoterica and her housemnates suffered only a little smoke damage. No water or fire reached their abode. This precipitated the relocation of Esoterica and two of her housemates (coincidentally also new Minerval candidataes) to the annex of the Bodhi Yoga Center. Fr. Wissen bei Kennon already lived in one half of the annex and Fr. Am took up residence in the loft when his landlord terminated his lease up the street. The center has become a regular bee hive of order activity, both official and social.

Rumor Has It...

...that Fr. Insanvs has applied to reactivate his camp charter which was originally existent in Florida. One of the Brothers in San Antonio may be considering a camp charter application too. The more the merrier! Scarlet Woman looks forward to an eventual transition to Oasis status (with no lust of result of course).

On that note I pull up my comforter, fluff my pillow and retire for the remainder of this winter season. I hate the cold. I will be back with you for the Beltaine issue of The Scarlet Letter much more jovial and cheerful, and with any luck a college graduate. I am in my final semester of a Bachelors in Business. O.T.O. degrees are a lot more fun than college degrees, that's for sure.

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