The Scarlet Letter
Volume II, Number 3 | Feburary 1995
The Cry of Pangenator X
By Fr. [Aleph Beth Heh Cheth Vau Lamed Yod]

I am he, the lustful extended one
          I, who lurketh in the wooded lands
My hoofs split the earth through as I run
          Causing the glistending wine of rose leaves to free
While the moon unites with the rays of the sun
          I call on thee, all ye Babalonian nymphs
To feel the sting of my lust, my single sighted stare
          Joining beyond time and human myths
The spirit of my might, the eternal oak, piercing your skin so fair
          The burning of my eyes, showing forth horrifying glyphs
          Causing madness with my glare
There is no burning bush, for I the fire tree
Flame forth in these cool pools of dew
          Never binding or bending, I cry out in pangs of ecstasy as I bleed
My withdrawing only the prelude to painful blisses
          As the light of the star filled night shines upon my bed
          Flower woven by bees
For all things will succomb to my penetrating kisses
          And with the light which springs forth from my mouth
Know ye now, that no fury of air can pull down mine head
          Nor from the ground can I be uprooted
Being born beyond fire, residing in the deepest lustral waters
          And through twin towers drawn and led
The polarities cancel, as they unify in the slaughter
          This blood of refinement on which gods are fed
A richness beyond the limites of any coffer
          I am upon thee with my laughterful erect pride
The spear carried, is wielded mighty in my hand
          constantly communing in ecstasy with my bride
Even vultures sing for the fertility of my land
          For we share an eternal embrace, in silence is heard the cry
This painful exchange between Babalon and I

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