The Scarlet Letter
Volume II, Number 3 | Feburary 1995
Anahita: Goddess of Ejaculation
By S.Oroboros

At last, I have found the goddess of female ejaculation! I had been searching for the appropriate ruler of this rare phenomenon for a few weeks when Soror Voluspa introduced me to Anahita. She is a Babylonian goddess whose name means Immaculate One. She embodies the physical and metaphorical properties of water and has a "fertilizing force that flows from her supernatural fountain." She rules all watery emissions such as semen, menstruum, and the other sacred kalas of the shakti in ecstacy. Sacred promiscuity is part of the honor due to her. Our Lady Babalon has many guises, no? Yes! This is the gal for me. I have become a fervent devotee of Anahita. For my fellow sorors who would also be devotees, I will relate the following story.

I had first learned of female ejaculation in 1992 from a rented video called Nice Girls Don't. The video shocked me and for a while I entertained the idea that it might be a sham. I wondered: Can girls really squirt like that? Why is this so mysterious? Why isn't there an oral tradition to teach us about the capacities of our own bodies? But I soon forgot about the video and went on with my life.

E-Day: It was a warm day in March of 1994 when to my surprise, I gushed a glutinous deluge. It happened during a marathon encounter with Frater Omega Baphomet. A new, dynamic lover and acute muscle fatigue played a large part in my ability to totally surrender. I was elated. I tried to find books that would tell me more about ejaculation, but most sex manuals didn't even mention it. It was like it didn't exist. Welcome to the phallocentric world of sex research.

In any case, my elation was short-lived when I found I couldn't reproduce the ejaculation. For six months I suffered from lust of result. I could feel the pressure build up, but the conscious desire to ejaculate prevented it from happening. When I gave up trying to do it, of course, I was able to relax enough to do it in fact.

I now ejaculate quite frequently, but it's something I cannot control. Paradoxically, the only way to "control" it is to consciously release control and totally surrender: a neat trick with applications in many areas besides ejaculation. I am still relatively new to this and to date have been able to ejaculate with only one of my male lovers. Because there is so little information to be had on this subject and because I feel that this is powerful female mojo, I have included some of my notes so others might also learn how to ejaculate.

1) The Thrice-Great-Spot (commonly, the G-Spot) should be the focus of your attention. It is on the front or ventral wall of the vagina, about 2-3 inches inside. The spot feels a little different from the rest of the tissue. It may be a little rougher like the rear of the tongue or it may stand out a little more. Everyone is different. It is the size of a dime to a quarter. It may be difficult to reach yourself. Have your lover help you find it.

2) The Thrice-Great-Spot may retain memories of negative sexual experiences or negative body image conditioning. Have your lover help you with an exercise each night to remove these blocks. Have him or her caress the Thrice-Great-Spot for a few minutes each evening. Be sure your lover is slow and gentle and very loving. This also serves to get you used to Thrice-Great-Spot stimulation which may be uncomfortable or even painful until blockages are removed.

3) During sexual intercourse, do second chakra work. Send your breath there, imagine your second chakra as a wheel of churning energy. See your wheel meet and mesh with that of your lover's wheel. See the sparks fly.

4) I have always ejaculated in the male posterior position (goddy-style or variations thereof). I think this is the easiest position to start with because of the optimal contact between the Thrice-Great-Spot and the phallus. Soror Oalimn who ejaculated not long after I did, corroborates this information.

5) When this spot is activated during intercourse and fluid starts to build up, you will feel some pressure. It feels a little like you have to urinate. You need to overcome the desire to hold in the fluid as you normally would if you had to pee. The fluid does in fact squirt from the urethra. It is clear and almost odorless, but it most certainly is not urine. If this is a block for you, be sure to urinate before sex.

6) Find a lover who has excellent ejaculatory control and can go for long periods of time. Get really fatigued but keep going. It is important that there is no pressure to climax early.

7) Invoke Anahita often! Gush, gush into her cup of abominations!

Note: I am only an egg! Please forward any information you would like to share on this subject to Scarlet Woman Camp, c/o S. Oroboros.

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