The Scarlet Letter
Volume II, Number 3
Anno IVii | Feburary 1995 e.v.
Imbolg | Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Libra

Pan Art in This Issue

The Dance , John Bowie
Oroboros, John Bowie
Seeing, John Bowie

Letters from Fra. Fool/M
Ad: Boleskine Magickal Bank Fr. Omega Baphomet
From the Horse's Arse by Fr. Sharash, Editor
Aphrodite's Guide to Successful Group Intimacy by Sr. Esoterica
The Magical Record of The Scarlet Woman, Part 4 by Leah Hirsig
The Cry of Pangenator X by Fr. [Aleph Beth Heh Cheth Vau Lamed Yod]
Anahita: Goddess of Ejaculation by S.Oroboros
Pillow Talk by Sr. Lillith
Powertools: Tele*Vision Magick by S.Oroboros
An Heterodox Position on Banishing by Dionysus Soter
Sorting Out the Mass by Dionysus Soter & Sharash
The Harpocratic Octahedron Sealing Ritual by Fr. Pnesomauma
Control During Possession by Fr.  Χεφρα
Retreat! by Sr. Lillith, Retreat Hostess

Editor & Distribution: Kip Coddington (Fr. Sharash)
Assistant Editor: Lila Harman (Sr. Lillith)
Proofer: Kevin Ascherfeld (Fr. Kestrel)

Camp Master: Content Knowles (Sr. Continuity)
Secretary: Matt Rogers (Fr. Pnesomauma)
Treasurer: Adam Kessler (Fr. Omega Baphomet)
Quartermaster: Kevin Ascherfeld (Fr. Kestrel)
Editor: Kip Coddington (Fr. Sharash)
Seneschal: Andrea Rogers (Sr. Oalimn)
Spring '95 Retreat Hostess: Lila Harman (Sr. Lillith)