The Scarlet Letter
Volume II, Number 2 | October 1994
Upcoming Events

Camp business meetings are the third Saturday of every month, 4:00 pm at Bodhi Yoga Center. Mass is held the third Sunday of every month, 7:30 pm at Bodhi Yoga Center.

Oct 28, night: Halloween Party at Fr. Pavael's—wear a costume!

Oct 29, 4:00pm: Wedding of Fr. Omega Baphomet & S.Oroboros

Nov 6, morning: I° Initiations at SWC by Fr. Sharash—CONTACT Sr. Continuity

Nov 6, Mass: Br. Audruin/Sr. Esoterica & Br. Dionysius Soter at Bodhi Yoga Center

Nov 7: Fr. Sharash & Sr. Lillith's Anniversary

Nov 8, 8:00pm: Cult of Cunning Lingo, dealer/hostess Sr. Lillith
The Temple of My Familiar by Alice Walker

Nov 16, 7:00 pm: Sealing Ritual workshop by Fr. Pnesomauma

Nov 17* 9:00 pm: Full Moon Drum at Bodhi Yoga Center

Nov 19* 4:00 pm: SWC Business Meeting & Sealing Ritual performance by Fr. Pnesomauma and others.
I° Initiation Ritual rehearsal to follow immediately—Fr. Sharash

Nov 20* 7:30 pm: Mass (Fr. Maitreya/S.Oroboros, Fr. Sharash) at Bodhi Yoga Center

Nov 27–Dec. 9th-ish: Fr. Sharash & Sr. Lillith's new baby's Lesser Feast due to occur

The Center is at 1710 Houston Street, a left turn 2 blocks south of 2222 (Koenig Lane) on Burnet Rd.

Schedule changes and additions do happen. Call (512)467-8703 for details and to make reservations to attend our open events (meetings & 3rd Sunday Masses marked with *)

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