The Scarlet Letter
Volume I, Number 2 | October 1993
Pillow Talk
Soror Zohar Tells All
by Sr. Zohar

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

And here is what we are doing with that Will..., the news and gossip that is fit to print. If you are an SWC member and I don't mention your name somewhere in here... get busy, get in touch, and let us know what you are up to! Things are in no particular order, so read on...

WELCOME!! to new camp members Fr. Pnesomauma and Sr. OALIMN who have joined us recently from the Chicago area. They are a fantastic mass team who performed their first mass for us Oct. 10th.

I heard a rumor of two other new folks who will be moving into Austin from California. I have yet to meet them but I am sure we will be in touch soon.

Congrats to Fr. Homo Solitarius on his Ordination as Deacon in the E.G.C. I got a charge out of my own E.G.C. Novitiate Priestess ordination which was done on the same occassion.

After a lot of money, creativity, time, and effort we have the better part of a portable, full scale, temple setup. Special appreciation to Fr. Sharash, Fr. Homo Solitarius and Fr. Kestrel for all their hard work on the design and construction, and to Sr. Zohar and S.Oroboros for sewing altar cloths, drapes and robes. We still need hardware to hang the veil from (a rope tied to trees has worked okay for a few times) and columns.

Temple furnishings are expensive so don't forget to pay your Dues!

Fr. Pnesomauma has been proposing some potential camp fund raisers... making SWC Abramelin Oil (limited market, but very useful!), and selling nicely desktop published versions of the Book of the In-Laws (Fr. Sharash knows the author, Master 999, and maybe we can give him a percentage of the proceeds in exchange for permission.). My own ideas included an O.T.O. Car Wash and Charging or maybe a Bake Sale featuring Crowley-O's and Thelem-aid. But seriously, we should consider doing one of the more realistic options and try to sell more copies of the newsletter.

Fr. Seahorse has been struck by an inspiration to move to Mt. Shasta, California. He won't be departing for a few months yet, but this is his announced plan. We hope that he will stay in touch and continue to contribute to the SWC newsletter since we find his writing so entertaining and he makes us look good.

Two Enochian workshops and a few colored tablets later... Fr. Sharash's ears ache from our questions, our heads ache from deciphering angelic names up down and sideways, and the coloring pencils are worn down to nubs. But we are forging ahead...

Sr. Continuity has asserted her Will and thrown over the opression of her regular job. She is setting out to brave the world of self employment as an artist and traveler. We wish her much success.

Crowleymass on October 12th had terrific attendance by SWC members, but the guest of honor seems to have missed the party. (I wish Crowley was here to hear you say that!) Amongst the most solemn of activities was a performance of the Invocation of the Deamon Crowley and a reading of the Book of the In-Laws. A few Crowley HooHahs were found by diligent searchers.

A group of University of Texas students chose to do their final project on pagans in Austin. A really nifty seven minute video piece including interviews with Sr. Zohar (wearing her Wiccan Priestess hat) and Fr. Seahorse (as an Austin Pagan at large), and lots of footage of the Gnostic Mass has resulted. It may be seen on Austin Access television in December, but if you want a preview, ask Sr. Zohar for a private viewing of her copy.

SWC presented a Gnostic Mass at the Council of the Magickal Arts Samhain gathering. Frater Sharash, Sr. Zohar and Fr. Homo Solitarius were the mass team. Fr. Pnesomauma and Sr. OALIMN were very supportive in rehearsal and preparation and took part in the ritual as children. Despite high sun we had great attendance. Sixty odd folks attended and thirty odd of them stood in line to communicate. We got many compliments on the appearance and efficacy of the ritual. Sr. Zohar took home a terrific sunburned face as a souvenir.

Arrangements are being made to have an area set aside on a local Austin BBS (Blackice 451-6778) for SWC members to talk to each other. Blackice carries ThelemaNet along with many other national echoes. Contact Sr. Zohar for log-in information.

Fr. Kestrel is still trying to recover his hard drives from the oblivion they slipped into just when he was preparing to come on line with a local Thelemic BBS. Anybody know a ritual for banishing ASCII demons? [Apo Pantos ASCIIdaemonos?]

Fr. Sharash moderates Thelema conference Wednesday nights 10pm CST on Modem Magick BBS in California out of Ouroborous Camp. (619-447-5010 if you can afford the long distance telephone bill.)

The (Fresh) Out of Chaos Drummers, ably led by Sr. Continuity and with a heavy core of SWC members contributing effort overall, facilitated the main ritual at the CMA Samhain gathering. The drumming, dancing, and dragon were all well recieved and the celebration lasted till sunrise. Sr. OALIMN deserves special mention for her kick-ass Star Ruby banishing that
started the ritual off with a bang.

The Come as Thou Wilt Halloween party held at Sr. Zohar & Fr. Sharash's was a lot of fun. Saladin, a Vampire, a Demon, and the Virgin Mary attended. amongst other illustrious guests. Sorry for those of you who missed out on the parlour game (what famous Thelemic character am I anyway?), vivacious conversation, popcorn, ice cream and "blood" (koolaid, ginger-ale, and wine.) We have lots of ice cream left that will probably make another appearance at our next function so it isn't too late to have some.

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