The Scarlet Letter
Volume I, Number 2 | October 1993
by Our Lady of Eternal Return

It is important to have a strong ego. It's important to be stronger than your ego, more cunning, more persistent. It is to unlearn repression, of everything that we are taught as children, or that we teach ourselves to deny so that we can move about in the world. The self must be broken in order to become a self. The ego must be destroyed, brought down to nothing. The self has to thrash around in its own finitude, to die in order to question that finitude, in order to see beyond it into the infinite. Into magickal space free from linear time and its limitations. Self-transcendance occurs on the ashes of the ego as the self begins to relate its powers to something beyond itself. Once the self begins to look to her relationship to the ultimate power, to hook up to infinitude, and so re-fashion her power linx from those around her to that ultimate power, she opens up to herself the horizon of unlimited possibility. She is absolutely alone and trembling on the brink of an infinite starry abyss. Causa sui. I am now experiencing exactly what I have created for myself: a new exploration, perception, understanding, e-motion, a freeing up of the spirit from its inertial fetters. Herein lies the secret of self-generation, of energy returning to its source, emergence of orobouros. It is to stand perched on the edge of the cascading moment, to roll the ball of dung into the sun.

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