The Scarlet Letter
Volume I, Number 2 | October 1993
Liber One Half
All of the substance of a liber at a fraction of the length
by Fr. Seahorse

One HalfLucifer, thou god of Light, I invoke thee into my soul, for thou art a worthy god. My will be done.

This Testament true I do offer to the Sons and Daughters of Heaven, but also to those of Mud.

For it shall come to pass, that in the shattering of the End Times, all shall be remade according to My True Will.

Which is, briefly: The highest will fusing with the lowest instinct, which then produces the mightiest of explosions, and sends the True Will and the Ultimate Forces cascading into the other faculties. For the highest joining with the lowest is the First Step, and after that, all faculties will be unionised, harmonized, and empowered.

So let the SHATTERING begin, and all those who cannot be joined together in themselves, let them die, for they are not worthy of their True Will, nor are they Worthy of Me.

This is the First Testament. The Last cannot be named. Let the shadows stand dispelled.

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