The Scarlet Letter
Volume I, Number 2 | October 1993
Part I: January 15 to Feburary 17, 1924
The Magical Record of The Scarlet Woman
By Leah Hirsig, Alostrael 31-666-31

Leah HirsigMss Diaries of Disciple Leah Hirsig, Catalog #DD1
Alostrael's Visions copied from diaries of The Beast 666 and
Alostrael 31-666-31
beginning Luna Monday, October 29, 1923 e.v. (Luna in Aries, An. xix)
Nefta, Tunesie, Cefalu, Sicily

[ED. NOTE: The mss. is 37 pages long and will be appearing in installments, by page number, throughout the next several issues. It gives a unique insight to the life of Leah Hirsig at the tail end of her and Aleister Crowley's fated stay at the Abbey of Thelema. –Sharash]


(Visions continued)
Note—These visions recorded by myself are quite insufficient, fragmentary, and concentration bad.

E Jan. 15. (L)
Concentrating on War Engine. Nothing except a reference to CCXX, III.26.

F Jan. 17. (22L) 9 PM:
During and after Amoun Invocation I asked for Light (IEHI AUD). Thin stalked leaves with heavy birds on them as in a previous vision. I said "I understand" and had a feeling of something definitely accomplished.

Sater—Preliminary invocation. Started vision but couldn't hold it. A lion turned into a beetle which was really a sun
7° = 4°
asked for someone of higher grade
8°= 3° XI—a Dog. And no more!

C Jan. 18. 9 PM

Ra-Hoor-Khuit Invocation. Asked for light.
stir not (heard). Elixir (seen)

G Jan. 19. 5:30 PM

Preliminary Invocation (33L) War Engine Met a dragon—who looked mild after
Flashes of A, etc. A man—
his name—
Showed me that War Engine was of metal (very fine), and to be hurled. Not electricity. Danger of being seen hurling?

A Jan. 20. 7:30-8:30 (?) PM

—A period of silence in which to invoke Neptune to look after OPV and Mss. An anchor and a white bird flying over it.


Sater—Preliminary Invocation Concentration—W.E.
(I forget much of what I saw. A man in a simple dark robe carrying a red heart appeared eventually and showed me a room where a man, a woman, and a child were eating in a very poor room. I got the impression that the W.E. energy would be got for us from by such a person—93 changed the room and it was illuminated by an 11 pointed star.)

I was shown a rocky country—perhaps Russia—presumably the place where the energy would be found or created. More—but nothing definite.

(grass) B 11:15 AM Jan. 22(?)
OPV's S. Complex had nothing to do with me personally in particular— it was merely the "longing to be planted." He makes this an excuse for not doing things.

5:30 PM
(11 L) Clear vision—nothing.

Jan. 24 (22 dr: L.) 4:30 PM
Preliminary Invocation Ra-Hoor-Khuit. Invocation Ragged—Disconnected. O seen as a spherical object.

Man in dark robe—red heart—in long room richly decorated and with a long table in it. Couldn't hold vision—travelled over all sorts of country, but nothing definite: 5:00 PM

Jan 30.2:15 PM
I have the True Interpretation of A Dillar, a Dollar, etc.

C Feb. 8
[This began a series of 11 ceremonies invoking R.H.K.]

An excellent Pentagram. Read Chapter III, CCXX—Impromptu invocation of R.H.K. asking for Light on Chapter III. All this, the reading I got a strong impression that the printed copies of CCXX should not be used or circulated. I very nearly destroyed my own. We must fulfil CCXX—III before anything else.


Invocation of RA-HOOR-KHUIT

O Thou God of War and of Vengence, Hear me, Alostrael, etc. who invokes Thee to help us to do Thy Work.

Be Thou our strength, our force, and vigor of our arms, as Unit is our refuge, and Hadit our Light, that we may go on, go on, in Thy strength, and fight as brothers.

Hear me, Thou Lord of the Double Wand of Power. Unto Thee do I eat this cake of light, that it may breed lust and power of lust in me.

Hear Thou me, 0 Lord of Silence and of Strength. Show me Thy way that I may follow Thee in it.

Give Thou of Thy Wisdom to Our Lord, The Beast 666, whom Nuit has called her Scribe, Ankh-af-na-khonsu, the Priest of Princes; whom Hadit Hails at the Prophet of Nu, the Prophet of Had, the Prophet of Ra-Hoor-Khu; and whom Thou hast termed 0 Blessed Beast, that He may comment with his Three-fold Book of Law with Hadit burning in his heart.

Thee, in whose name is hidden and glorious, a splendor I Invoke, I greet Thy presence, O Ra-Hoor-Khuit.

Unity uttermost showed! I adore the might of Thy breath. Supreme and terrible God That maketh the Gods and death To tremble before Thee: —I adore Thee.

Appear on the throne of Ra! Open the ways of the Khu! Lighten the ways of the Ka The ways of the Khabs run through To stir me or to still me! Aum! Let it fill me!

G Feb 9
(Grass & L)

Wrote Invocation—used it in Pentagram—Very forceful.



  1. Our "island" should be governed by the "Wise men". Defined—Those who have a knowledge of Nature, i.e., Initiate:
  2. 1  2 wise men; 1 Philosopher
    2 Poet
    3 Fighter (practical)
    4 Fighter (strategical)
    5 Agriculturist
    6 Scientist
    7 Priest
    8 Historian
    9 Mechanic
    10 Saw Worker
    11 Psychologist
    12 Medicine Man

Our island—low, flat tongue of land, mountains in background (real colony). Another shore wooded, birds, nothing distinctive, might be anywhere.

A Feb. 10

(Born July 8, 1899, Palermo 4:30 PM) in sort of trance.

K Feb. 11
Invocation—Vision Sabitini
Vision #1, Arturo Sabatini. He sees a white house. Inside the house are lighted candles. There are 5 people, 3 steps, 6 candles. There is a rug on the floor. A domed roof. An image of bronze. One man with a beard, clothed in a blue cape, and on his head a white mitre embroidered with gold. His belt is as his mitre. A statue of (?) Thelema—has a long cap on its head.

The seer sees only half of this figure.
He is 62,000 miles away from Cefalu.
Where? (In our country).
On addressing the bearded man (93), the reply is:
A prophet—
His name

Then a cloud gradually enveloped the entire scene, and the seer returned to earth making the Sign of Harpocrates.


E Feb. 12

3 pipes concentrating on "Strength from R.H.K." 8 PM Invocation (Pentagram).

Vision #2
Sabitini: Vision No. 2. Arturo Sabatini In the desert—hear the sea—a white cloth very high. Little by little the cloth becomes transparent. Behind it is a fire—something burning (2 pieces of wood ranged as a cross). High flame. Many people—some of them black, naked, and hold spears in their hands. They dance round the fire. A man is tied to the pieces of wood; the wind moves the flames—he sees an arm. Flames disappear gradually. The people are laughing—sitting in a circle. The fire is out. They all rise and take the ashes and scatter them over the desert. The cloth again—it becomes more and more opaque. Darkness. This means?

A black shadow tells Arturo to explain it himself. He says
and asks his name.
He appears to the seer because he saw him.
His message?
93 93/93
He will talk to Arturo when he is alone doing meditation. He says he can't talk now. He has gone away. He is one of the 5 of last night's vision.

Arturo now finds himself walking on a path among palms—no houses.

B Feb. 13
3 pipes, 22 L.
—Worship Hadit. Wine—Worship Nuit. No Pentagram.

F Feb. 14 3:10 PM
Msbtn. Reverence to R.H.K.
Pentagram Ritual 8:10 PM—Sabitini Vision:


Vision No. 3. Arturo Sabitini I ask him to try to get BENY of first vision. No result.
He sees an island—ships—men. People coming to and fro, men working on walls.
Name of island?
NAD (Written by Seer who knows no Greek).
They are busy building walls.

93 418 bring no reply. They finish work.

Why is the seer here?
He is assisting. A force carried him there. When the work is finished he will get message. They are fortifying.

He now sees the island more clearly. There are large trees—mountains in the background. It is a new island. Large—it has a long low promentory. The central part is high. 1000 leagues from the shore.

Ships—11 large ones and one small one. This latter has a tent effect in the middle. These boats are all carrying materials.

93 93/93
The men all bow their heads.

C 3:10 PM
— Reverence to R.H.K. V.L. took oath to go on with his Prob. work.

G Feb 16.
Pentagram Ritual. Ninette read Chapter III. 4 PM 22L. Worship of R.H.K.

A Feb. 17 4 PM
Asana, Preliminary Invocation. R.H,K. Invocation. Pentagram Ritual. Mantra after Invocation. Very fine. A bird form with a serpent's head appears. It became a hawk (418) facing me. I got some word or other, but not distinct or distinctive enough to remember.

Asana till 9:16 (24 minutes) and didn't know it.

Arturo has not appeared! Hausi said "I saw you talking with R.H.K."

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