The Scarlet Letter
Volume I, Number 1 | August 1993
A Note From the Camel’s Back
Message from the Moon
by Sr. Continuity

Sometimes, the best way to get what you want is to ask for it. I asked for a Charter, and we got a Camp. A fine young camp it is, too...I feel really fortunate to know the individuals that comprose the founding members. If you are among the Thelemites who have been around since the Equinox or before, doing the work, attending the rituals, and/or being initiated into the Order: this means you. Y'all know who you are.

So. We are officially eestablished. We perform a fairly regular, definitely fabulous Gnostic Mass (applause pause for the Mass Team!). If you are reading this, it means that our first newsletter is out (applause to the Publishing Group!).

We will be having regular monthly meetings, guests definitely welcome, where the membership is encouraged to arrange to make short presentations on the subjects of interest, and/or to perform rituals appropriate to the wheel of the year, or in accord with that individual's particular magickal studies. (What? You say you simply must do an Opening By Watch Tower? Okay, we're there!)

This is a lot of activity, but I know some of you are thinking, "Is this all there is...?!?" Well, hell no!

Now it's time to get out and promulgate the Law of Thelema! This is why the O.T.O. exists...the prime directive, so to speak. This can be interpreted in many interesting ways (one interpretation per Thelemite at last count), but I personally feel that the best way to promulgate the Law is to Be a Thelemite.

Live like one, think like one, behave like one. Get in touch with your truest inner voice (your HGA, in the parlance). Come to some peace with yourself in the process, explore the nature of your true will and get about the business of exercising same.

For most, this is a lifetime journey of discovery, as opposed to a quick survey of self culminating in some concrete decision about a specific course of action. What I am sure of is this: One, when living out your convictions (being/doing Thelema) you become a light emitting vessel, illuminating your own path in such a way that others cannot fail to notice. This is called, 'walking the walk". One picture is worth a thousand words.

Two, the result of manifesting true will is ultimately joy and certainty. Certainty that this is the right thing at the right time for you, and that nothing else would work so well. A.C. said that the true will of a plant is to grow towards the sun. It's the gut imperative.., the inner truth that silences all the outer voices.

I urge you to use Scarlet Woman as a base camp to live out your dreams: explore/form affinity groups, make things happen in or as a group that would not be possible on an individual level. Study by yourself and learn from each other. Network. Question. Make big plans. We will support each other.

That is definitely why I joined the O.T.O.—to meet the other ones.

This is the Sovereign club. Union under will only, thanks. One law. You know the deal!

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