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The Scarlet Letter
Volume VII, Number 2
Anno IVx | September 2002 e.v.
Fall Equinox | Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Cancer

Pan Art in This Issue

On the Cover:
Untitled by Jason Mazarik

Asana, Ash
Eucharist, Martin van Maele
Communion, Martin van Maele

Born Every Minute by Fr. Paradoxos Alpha, Lodgemaster
Nuit: The Limitless Goddes by Sr. Ashera
The Spiritual Songs of His Horniness the Rama Lama Ding Dong
The Importance of Posture by Fr. M.S.
Conditions for Eucharistic Magick by Dionysos Thriambos
The Pirate’s Tale by Sundari Lalita
Hymn-Spell to Thoth-Hermes by Fr. Ox
666 Hebrew Memorization Keypad by Omega Bodhi
Transparent to the Life Force by Aisha Qadisha

Executive Editor: Fr. Paradoxos Alpha
Editor/Design & Layout: Sr. Aisha Qadisha

Lodgemaster: Fr. Paradoxos Alpha
Secretary: Fr. do
Treasurer: Sr. Tzaddi