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The Scarlet Letter
Volume VII, Number 1
Anno IVx | March 2002 e.v.
Spring Equinox | Sun in Aries, Moon in Gemini

Pan Art in This Issue

On the Cover:
Untitled by Ron Cummings

Abstract, Hexlux
Love One Another With Burning Hearts, Aisha Qadisha
Love Is, Ebony
Untitled, Mandie Walch
Fairie, Ron Cummings
Pelican, Paul Clark
Rosy Cross, Paul Clark
Scarab, Ahitha
Abstract, Conscientia Clara
Diagrams, Phillip X. Dick

Born Every Minute by Fr. Paradoxos Alpha, Lodgemaster
Seven Spheres, Seven Years by Scorpionis
The Words of the Gods by Lillith Avalon
Be Careful What You Ask For by Lillith Avalon
Divine Syzygy by Hortus Inclusus
Review: The Book of Dzyan by Paradoxos Alpha
Denzil’s Oath Music by Crowley, Dimitri Bortniansky, & M. Dionysos Rogers
Eleven Injunctions by Dionysos Thriambos
The Tree of Life Projected in the Third Dimension by Andrew Catero & Darcy Kuntz
Who and What Are Those Egyptian References by Sr. Lutea
Esoteric Geometry by Dionysos Thriambos
The Path of the Heart by Aisha Qadisha

Executive Editor: Fr. Paradoxos Alpha
Editor/Design & Layout: Sr. Aisha Qadisha

Lodgemaster: Fr. Paradoxos Alpha
Secretary: Fr. do
Treasurer: Sr. Tzaddi