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The Scarlet Letter
Volume VI, Number 2 | September 2001
The Holy Art of Loving Women
 by Sundari Lalita


I have been so busy with my duties as Dance Mistress, that I have hardly had time to take breath. I am preparing my students for a grand performance when the Sultan returns from his trip east to Persepolis. Of all the duties assigned to me, this is the most satisfying. How I love to dance! I make myself sacred through ecstatic movement, and as I dance I empower myself and worship the Golden One, Laughing Aphrodite. I teach my most promising dancers the ancient serpent dance, but I have not yet revealed the secret of its power to any of them.

All the women want to be my charges, because a dancer is more likely to be noticed by the Sultan, than coffee brewers, cooks, or wardrobe keepers, and the like. That suits me admirably, for they fawn on me like kittens over cream. YLoving Womenes, some of the most beautiful women in the Persian world are at my feet, willing to please me in any way they can, and I have many ideas of how that may be accomplished.

Truly, my favorite duty is to teach the young and inexperienced virgins the art of sensuality. I personally supervise the training of all the new women in the harem. Whenever a beautiful, young virgin is brought to the Seraglio, I greet her warmly to help her feel comfortable as soon as possible. I direct some slaves to bathe, massage, and perfume her. I then interview her as to her talents and gifts, and set her up in her own little bed. My training is most thorough, I have become notorious for my abilities and in great demand in the harem. Even the more experienced women require a lesson now and then, and I am always delighted to be of service.

I teach these lovely virgins how to please the Sultan with exquisite kisses, and how to caress him with lovely, soft fingers, how to offer him their fragrant, open peach blossoms. I even teach them the use of their inner muscles to grasp and stroke their Lord in the most intimate ways.

Their skin is so silky and fine, I love to caress them, kiss them, and bring them to climax as many times as they will allow. I pay special attention to the tender buds of their breasts with my warm, soft tongue. I am more gentle and tender than any husband for I recognize their sacred capacity for love and pleasure. As priestess I nurture in them the seed of divinity, that they may grow in power and confidence, blossoming as glorious priestesses themselves one day.

I teach them to pleasure themselves and to open themselves to all pleasure in the joy and blessing of the Goddess. They are sometimes hesitant to allow themselves pleasure, but I encourage them to let go, surrender to the Goddess, accept the joy that is meet and good. I have several erotic toys to amuse them with, since the Sultan cannot keep all of these women sexually satisfied, we learn to please each other. I penetrate with my tongue and fingers the moist hidden place within, pink and pearly, until they give unto me their dew-sprayed ecstacy. It astonishes me how many of them are kept ignorant of their own bodies and its many avenues of pleasure, I am proud to introduce to them their divinity and capacity for ecstacy. They often fall in love with me, but that is the Goddess working in me to open them to agape. As charming as the shy young virgins are, I must admit I prefer the women with spirit and fire and wit.

I have recently met a dazzlingly beautiful Egyptian woman, Hathor-Bastet, who is literate, and speaks fluent Greek. I am so happy to speak Greek with someone again! Ah, her accent is so intriguing, I think I am falling in love with her. She has confided to me that she is also a priestess, of the Temple of Bast in the city of Bubastis in lower Egypt. Bast is a goddess of fertility, play, music, dance, and lust. She sounds a great deal like unto Aphrodite whom I worship. Perhaps it is She in her Egyptian cat-mood, purring and luxuriating in the warm Nile Valley sun. Every spring Bast’s festival is celebrated with dancing, drinking, merriment, and whoring. How I would love to be there now!

Hathor-Bastet is teaching me the rites of Bast, and I am initiating her into the rites of Aphrodite. She also knows the secret of the fountain of youth, which I recently revealed to Xerxes, Pasha of the Seven Hills. Night after night, we practice our holy arts, I drink deeply from the cup of Hathor-Bastet as she writhes exquisitely and moans. Oh, how she excites me, she is the embodiment of feline grace. She is a wonderful lover, her gentle lips plucking at mine, her embraces drive me wild for pleasure. I bestow unto her the full measure of my essence when she delicately licks from my jeweled gate the sacred dew, the elixir of immortality.

She was brought here from the market one moon ago by slaves, her eyes flashing, proud and defiant. She is not one of the cowed, submissive women that are favored here in Persia. She did not trust me at first, but I was kind to her, and showed her the ways of the harem, and read poetry to her, and we soon became friends and then lovers.

Our first night together was incredible, she needs no lessons in the arts of love for she was most excellently trained in Egypt. I was eager for her touch, but waited for her to reach for me first. How excited I was when she came to my room that first night and lay beside me. We held each other, and kissed for hours, caressing each other’s soft skin, suckling one another’s sensitive breasts. The love of women has a leisurely pace to match our cycle of arousal, slow and sensuous, building up to climax again and again, and the final rush to ecsacty is that much more powerful. I moved to lie between her legs, and stroked the nether lips slowly and softly, and when her lips parted only then did I kiss her there.

First with my lips, and then with my tongue, stroking up and down with long wide strokes. She moaned her approval, and opened wide for me, and I inserted two of my fingers and fucked her slow and deep. She came for me long and hard and deep, which satisfied both of us immensely. Then it was my turn to lay back and enjoy her ministrations. She pleased me in many ways, with her breasts, fingers, lips and tongue. I feel all shivery just to think of it again, I relive that night in my imagination many times during my daily duties in the Seraglio. It is often remarked upon how cheerful I am, smiling to myself my secret and satisfied smile.

I have even told her of my desire for freedom, to return to my life as a temple priestess. She also loves freedom and it is her desire to escape with me. We have been setting our plans into motion in the invisible realm of energy forms, she with her Bast magick and I with my serpent dance. I can see the Labyrinth with my subtle vision, and I traverse the invisible Underworld even as I dance here in the Seraglio. The energies surge through our bodies with such force and power that we shake and shudder, but we are experienced priestesses and ground the energies to bring about our desires.

Oh my beloved, I must part from this writing now, for my lover is here, nipping at my neck with her white teeth. I will see you perhaps in my dreams... pray for my return. I ask Goddess that I may soon lie in your arms.

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