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The Scarlet Letter
Volume VI, Number 1 | March 2001
A Vision of Nu Eden
Received in a Dream at the Dawn of the Nu Millennium
By Omega Bodhi

A strange vision presented itself to me between 3 a.m. and 11 a.m. on the first morning of the secular Nu Millennium, i.e., 2001.01.01. That evening there were parties all over town so my Nu Bride and I went to a party in good company. All went very well that evening, and I took my wife home early in the morning. There was Love. And then I fell into a swoon and received this amazing vision. Once I awoke at 11 a.m. the next morning, I immediately began to record the vision as clearly as I could, in order that none of its details would be lost.

The vision lasted only eight hours, but it was of a nature so intense that it still burned brightly in my head months later. Tremors and shakes convulsed my body during the recording process, and threatened my language ability, so that writing was difficult. Were it not for the promise of the Progress of Humanity that I had made in the vision, I might not have persevered. But if it were possible that I might succeed in assisting this Progress, then I must try.

The Vision

An Old Wise Man in a black turban and robes approaches me and suggests that I assist him in carrying the Stone of the Wise to a special Altar in the Garden of the World. I readily agree, and follow him. He leads me deep into the woods behind my house, where he reveals a glade I’ve never seen before. In the East is a beautiful Stone in the shape of a double cube; it rests in front of a burning bush. The Old Wise Man tells me I should take the Stone and place it upon the Altar of the World.

I pick up the Stone and begin up the way the old man points. It isn’t an exceedingly harsh grade, and I make progress rapidly East. I ask him why the Altar isn’t just where we are and he laughs, saying that there is honor in the labor, and that I should remain silent, which I do earnestly after that.

At a certain distance along the way, we approach a group of seven Wise Men. They are called the Seers and they wear turbans and robes, one of each color of the rainbow. I am accused by them of the heresy of the Theology of the Individual, but I defend myself spiritually, saying, that I recognize myself as Shiva. I draw my Sword and threaten their logic. They seem pleased with the result and withdraw.

Revelations of the Sword

Now drawn, my Sword is the “Sword of Logos” and it tells me the story of the Sun. This very sword guarded the Gate to the Garden of Eden for many ages, and even sat in the mouth of him who ought to be believed. But now the sword’s task was see to it that I return home to the Mother Garden.

I exclaim that this is all impossible, but I take refuge in the Sword, and it says there is Love in the Garden, if it were but my Will. I acknowledge that it is, and with the Sword in my mouth and the Stone in my hands, I go forward.

A triumphant herd of elephants appears from the face of the woods, and I mount the mightiest forward elephant, helpers assisting me, and I am carried toward the magnificent gates of the Lotus Garden in an elegant procession.

A Shadow, or a Thought, stalls my elephant at the gate of the Lotus Garden. It tells me I can record the vision (this that you read) in accordance with my Will, in order that there may be Progress, but that I will be told what is not appropriate for recording. I am urged to apply diligence in discretion of all things. I agree, taking refuge in the Sword.

Now I am led around a central altar with idols of Ganesha and Durgha, and others, tracing out a clockwise circle, but being stopped at the three points of an inscribed triangle. At each point I am told one verse of the Sapta-Bodhi-Bhumi, “The Seven Stages of Being Bodhi.” The first three were told, but not the final four. Further, I am told that I may only record the first verse:

The Three Gifts of the Bodhi:

1) The first thing a Bodhi does is relax.
2) A perfect Bodhi maintains perfect posture.
3) I am my Bodhi; you are your Bodhi.

A Partial Explanation

I wonder why I am being shown these hidden verses. The Sword tells me that by the name of Ganesh, who is upon the Altar, and by the purity of my own intention, that all is aright. It tells me that I am there (but I did not know if he meant ‘there’ in the vision, or in dream, or in life, or the earthly garden, etc.) to recognize my own self as being perfect wisdom. The ceremony is to induce the recognition of myself as Bodhi, as a perfect wisdom being, as being perfect wisdom. We OM three times. And I see myself, and I am a God, and God is an I, and etc. Words fail triumphantly!

The Sword then tells a further tale of the Lion, the Snake, the Tree, the Unicorn and the Enchantress. It relates how the Lion caught the Unicorn: in the usual way with the Tree, but then adds that the Enchantress and Snake are still waiting. It urges me on. I search for the mystery the Sword describes moving Eastward.

I begin to understand myself as the Progress of my own Person. I wonder if I am the Lion? Am I the Tree? Is the Enchantress in my Heart? Am I the Serpent? Doubt builds, and I grow weary and unsure. But then all is forgotten as I step into a clearing where a ladder reaches into the heavens.

A Ladder to the Garden of Eden

The ladder before me has seven rainbow rungs that lead up into a hole in the clouds. I can glimpse a Heavenly Garden of Eden above and my heart catches in my chest. I sheath my Sword, and securing my hand tight to the Stone, I climb the ladder. I arrive after my seven rungs straight away before a City of Emerald Light. I know immediately that I arrive as Adam Kadmon, the Third Adam, and the Adam of Light. Looking back down through the clouds, I can see the earthly garden far below. But before me is a Celestial City resplendent in Emerald Light, and it draws my attention upwards and onwards.

Now I seem to be home, but I know not how nor why it is so. This place is as far away from my material universe as imaginable. I’ve yet to see a more splendid sight, a place of such unimaginable happiness and warmth, exceeding my imaginings. Even the buildings and architecture here exude beauty and joy. This is the cosmic axis of all, constructed but not made with hands, a place of eternal wonder and sparkle.

The Old Wise Man appears again and urges me on, saying, “This is but the City of Eden. The Garden of Eden is in the East beyond the Ziggurat which is its entrance,” he points to the East. He explains that I should draw my sword and go forward in strength without him to the Ziggurat that stretches up into the sky from a hill.

And so I travel on toward the Ziggurat, leaving my dear friend behind. Again I place my Sword in my mouth and hold the Stone in my hands as I advance.

The Triumph of Light

I parade in a Triumph of Light up the avenue to the Ziggurat where the Masters of Light look on. My Sword is in my mouth, and in the crook of my left arm I hold the Stone. Over my right shoulder I carry an Oak Tree embellished with the armor of various vanquished foes. I lay it at an Outer Altar, but it is rejected and moved aside. There is no animosity, but I sense that there are no wars past here, and no traffic is to be had in its trappings.

The outer entrance is at the base of the Ziggurat, and the path to it is lined with Wise Men on the Left and on the Right. I arrive at a portico that is the outer entrance to the Garden at the base of the Ziggurat. My journey has been long and my body and mind are tender and sore, but I persevere.

A mystery pours forth from the Ziggurat onto the portico around me. These are the Votaries of Fire, and they spin balls of fires. The spirit of meditation in motion, the fire spinners, reel out chains attached to torches, bowls of fire, balls of red-hot iron, and other implements. But their fire is a liquid and I drink it thirstily, and I drink of the force therein and am refreshed from my long journey. I am in Love. All about me Light.

Donning my scarlet priest robes, I become a Priest of Babalon, and I sanctify the world, and everyone in it. There are blessings to Pan and Gaia. Joy. Rapture. I am uplifted in their arms. There is dancing and song. There is more fire worship, dancing, drumming, and idolatry.

Soon, a loud gong sounds three times, all fall silent, and I turn to enter through the Ziggurat.

She Who is the Empire of My Heart

At the inner entrance to the Garden of Eden, inside the Ziggurat, some guards strip me of my priestly garb. Naked, except for the Stone and the Sword, I am taken up a spiral-winding staircase to the upper-most level of the Ziggurat, and lead within a staunch set of walls, through an ancient gate of blasted stone that has been carved and etched with stars and figures and mysterious symbols. From here I can see that a High Wall surrounds the Garden, and that the Ziggurat is the only way in or out. And so it is from this height that I enter into the Garden of Heavenly Delight, that Highest Garden, the Garden of the Empyrean, the Mother Garden of the Universe, the Grand Garden of Eden. A second, interior, spiral-winding staircase brings me down to the lower Garden level. Stepping for the first time onto the grass of the Garden, feeling it come up between my toes, I hear a voice cry out, “I am home,” but it is my own voice. I am come home. I place my sword upon a low central altar, and an angel picks it up straight away and begins to guard the entrance through which I’ve come. The angel says this is but the Lower Eden, and waves me inward. I go.

After a few paces, there is a glimpse of a smile from within! I see Her waiting for me! She who is the Empire of my Heart! She steps out from behind a tree, naked except for her radiant loveliness. I rush forth and we first touch eyes and I cry out her name, A****, and I bring my lips to hers as one might bring the bee to the flower. The lightest brushing of our wet mouths prompts our eyes to reach thirstily for each other, and looking into her eyes I fall into the Milky Way for the entire universe lies behind her eyes.

Harder, now, I take her more firmly in my arms, and push her closer to me. Now my lips are firm and I thrust the tip of my tongue in her mouth, she softens and melts into my embrace. Ah, rapture!

The Promise of Progress

She asks if it is true, if I have come home to her for good, if Eden is regained? I say in my Heart that it is so.

I affirm that in my Heart of Hearts, I most desire and wish for True Wisdom and Perfect Happiness; these are my greater goals. Also I admit that Health and Wealth strengthen and improve my True Wisdom and Perfect Happiness, and that Health and Wealth should join as a second pair of goals to form an optimal four-fold path. She laughs at my logic, but agrees that it is, at least, a virtuous way.

Next I affirm that above and beyond myself I wish the same for all humans, in their four-fold division: first my family, then my lovers, then my friends and relatives; finally humanity as a whole.

Next I affirm that since all of this is true, and since she is the Earth, the Mother of us all, the Great Goddess Gaia, that I should always strive to be more perfect while I am on the Earth. And I agree that I ought to acknowledge the Earth itself as the Progress of Humanity, a part of me even as I am a part of it. Also I agree that success is an imperative, and no matter what the reason, failure means exactly this: the House of Death would take the Goddess Gaia, and there would be an end of humanity.

Therefore I affirm that I should perfect myself for the better now in preparation for the challenges that would soon be in the offing. From this point forward every breath I take is to be drawn out and given a Name.

Well pleased, She asks, “Do you Promise to Work for the Progress of Humanity, that it might survive the folly of its youth?”

I say it is so, and I promise Her that my Heart is pledged to the Progress of the Planet, as a Planet of People, and as a Person on the Planet.

She is satisfied with my answer, and I can tell that she wants me, that she is hungry for me.

How I Am Like Caesar

I become suddenly afraid at the smallness of myself, and the largeness of the Garden and my task. How much larger yet is the Planet? And the people upon it?

I conquer this small fear like a Caesar, saying firmly in my defense:

• I am the Empire of Myself. I am my command of my own being. I am my sovereign in my body, in my mind, and in my spirit. I am my perfected wisdom being.
• I see a Vision of my Triumph, to be granted in a Temple of Light.
• I am the Spirit of Courage and Confidence. I am the Lion of the Sun. I am the Light.

She listens and smiles. There is gentle laughter from some færies in the Garden. She says: “See to it then that your Light shines in me.” And I realize that my Path is inside, and that makes me glad.

I reply, “I shall shine as the Sun at Noon, for you are the Progress of Humanity, and I shall wed you.” She runs a bit and stumbles, feigning fear, so I give chase.

Kneeling on my right knee I lift her in my arms and ask her gently to her ear: “Will you marry me, and be my Bride, the Goddess of my Earth?” She readily agrees, and is greatly desirous. I am immensely pleased.

She takes me by the hands and draws me into her Chambers. I am received into a tub of mineral water and flowery salts. Her two shapely hands wash me and bath me with sweet soaps. Her hands are everywhere on me. I am abluted. I dry in front of a roaring open fire, and then the She gestures me upward to the Chamber of Love.

I Wed the Earth

There comes a great Thunder that stands upon the clouds, and the entire universe comes to a faint hush. I lay the Stone upon an Altar where it begins to glow. I lay me down with her in her bed. We embrace and She touches my chakras beginning with the crown and working downward, her hands like little birds. My body is ablaze with flushing energy, sparks flying across my nerve endings. I feel as though she has activated hidden powers within me, powers that I knew of a long, long time ago, but disbelieved or forgot as I matured. The history of this power in the world hits me in a flash, and I realize this is not the first body that has been crowned and chosen by the Goddess. Nor is it my first body, nor my last. This is an ageless love affair.

She begins: “I take thee, sweet Adam, in myself, and receive that love which issues forth from your essence, and we become each other.”

I answer saying: “I take thee, sweet Earth, my Goddess Gaia, in myself, and receive that love which issues forth from your essence, and we become each other.”

She: “Then it is agreed, that we shall Will?”

I: “Then it is agreed, that we shall Love.”

And so in this simple rite we marry each other.

A snake uncoils from beneath a bush. She smiles at me in a desirous and knowing way as if to make me want her, but I already want her, and I take her, and I am upon her. And I take her snake and wrap it around my neck 3 ½ times, so that I am become Shiva within her, and I cry out Jesephatz! in ecstasy.

Ravens travel in pairs because they mate for life, and two pairs are sent to me that I may know every thing that transpires, in open or in secret, over the domains of the four winds, upon which they travel. They whisper to me at night while I sleep.

Therefore, as I sleep upon a mountaintop, I come to consciousness hearing their voices, as they cry “Awake! Awake! Awake!” And my eye opens and I am upon her, and I am in her, and She is in me, and I find that I have put myself upon her, and have gone deep into her being. How I love her. How I love what gives me to her. How I thrust myself inside of her. I howl and recreate the universe within her.

The Blessing of Shiva

Now I am Shiva in the snow-tipped mountaintops, the Serpent is around my neck 3 1/2 times. I carry my trident and the drums of war. My Eye is open and I see pure bliss in the world; perfect wisdom nestles in my crown and spews forth beginnings. I am the universe and everything in it. I love all humans. And I love the Earth, my Bride.

And that is all. My Eye closes. I arise in the morning of my material universe on New Year’s Day. Only with my Eye closed could I awaken to the day and attempt to record the amazing events I saw unfold on the eve of the nu millenium.

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