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The Scarlet Letter
Volume VI, Number 1 | March 2001
Talx with DarqSyde
By DarqSyde

Little Sister,

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

During our last training session in the Dojo/Temple, your At-One-Ment with your Weapon/Sword/Will seemed to be very near—yet not quite. I will not to insult you with suggestions, but I will to share with you certain facts that I hold as empirically true … for me!

Khabs (the basix)—My Weapon/Sword is the extension of my Will. My at-ease-ment with my weapon reflects my inner communication with my Will. I will to be Not-Aware in the Way in which I flow my Sword/Weapon/Will; then they flow thru and manifest each other. Often tho’, I am Un-Aware in this Way. How do I carry myself amongst my brethren? Is my Walk parallel to the Way in which I carry and wield my Weapon? Do I ever (in Temple) have my grip firm upon my weapon, only to find, as I turn, that I have smacked my brother with the unattended edge of my weapon? When sitting, do I ever have the ‘business’ part (edge) of my Weapon outside the realm of my awareness, with my first clue being my sister ‘tripping’ on my unattended weapon/will? Was it my will to trip her? Or her Will to remind me to, “Wake the fuck up!”

Am (beyond the portal of basix)—When my Weapon is parallel with my body (incarnation), I seldom have unexpected results. Prior to every movement, my palm becomes one with the butt of my Weapon, while remaining Not-Aware of the placement of my cutting edge in Tyme & Space. With the point of my Sword directly under the handle, my weapon is now a point—not a line; way easier to be aware of a point. Right, Hadit? Yes—with just the right fit! Not too long or short, not too heavy or light, I weave and cleave thru Space & Tyme’s Fabrix with expected results.

In many training systems one is counseled concerning the sword, “Draw not in anger nor sheath in disgrace.” Do not read beyond the words. This does not mean to never draw the Weapon until needed. If I never draw my Weapon until I have the need, then when the need comes, I might just come in 2nd place. Not good.

As a magickian, I use my Sword to get my point across to the entities I am involved with. If I am not convincing—by showing proficiency with my Weapon—it’s doubtful any entity will feel threatened or do my bidding. When I draw my sword to practice, it’s not in anger but in celebration of the chance to commune with my Will. It is thru intuition that I am aware of my Will. My Sword practice is performed with eyes closed—I need not see to intuit my Will and its sweep.

Pekht (return to basix)—My Weapon/Sword is the extension of my Will. I recently passed another Birthday/Initiation in one of the most potent magickal systems I have encountered— A.'.A.'. One of the ‘…isms” of this system: “A simple program for complicated people.” As soon as I ‘will’ to make the system complex enough to match my great intellect, I opt for failure. This injunction is so complete for me—The Sphinx commands No-Thing more be said about this fact; yet … I find I am spending the rest of this incarnation allowing that statement to Be & Come True… “My Weapon/Sword is the extension of my Will.” I just gotta be Not-Aware. Too easy. This flows, and requires no output of energy. Being Un-Aware does not flow; it is forced, and therefore requires energy output.

The result of my Un-Aware-ness of the sweep of my will/Will?

This observed fact… “Doin’ what I wanna is the hole in the Law.”

Is it my Will to have my unattended will conflict with my brethren (evidenced by ‘smacking’ or tripping one with my sword)? We will speak more of this later.

Love is the law, love under will.

En Guarde,

Be safe—when having relations (practicing) with my Weapon/Sword/Will, I endeavor to always ‘wrap that rascal’—with my Intent.

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