U.S. O.T.O. Grand Lodge
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The Scarlet Letter
Volume V, Number 2
Anno IVvi | December 1998 e.v.
Winter Solstice| Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Aquarius

Cosmic Egg Art in This Issue

On the Cover:
Oasis by Paradoxos A

Untitled —Ahitha
The Circle is Red —Qadisha
Scorpio Rising —Qadisha
Hathor —Sulis
Yoni-Lingam —Satyrus
Untitled —Kiri Namtvedt
Chakras #2 —Parser Coaccidence

A Mess of Sigils by Br. Bruce Kroeze
Jewels from the Naked Brilliance:
Disciples of the Scorpion
by Sr. Nephthys
Thelemic Culture, Part III: Holy Cow Fiesta! by Sr. Sulis
The Duality of Hathor by Sr. Sulis
The Included Middle: Facts and Phallacies by Tim Maroney
Hermetic Brotherhood Revisited by T Allen Greenfield

Editor-In-Chief: Sr. B. Continuity
Editor & Production: Sr. Qadisha
Distribution & Marketing: Sr. Nephthys
Proofreader: Fr. Paradoxos A

Lodgemaster: Sr. B. Continuity
Secretary: Sr. Brianna Ashtara
Treasurer: Sr. Oalimn
Equipment Manager: Fr. K:estrel
Logistrix: Sr. Nephthys
Librarian: Ariadne
Senechel: Sr. Perilous