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The Scarlet Letter
Volume V, Number 1
Anno IVvi | March 1998 e.v.
Spring Equinox| Sun in Aries, Moon in Sagittarius

Cosmic Egg Art in This Issue

On the Cover:
Cosmic Egg by Criss Piss

About the Cover Artist
In this issue we continue our special feature of the artwork of Criss Piss. Here is the issue introducing his art.

Nuit and Hadit, Criss Piss
Septagram, Sr. Conscientia Clara
Untitled, Martijn Benders
Chakra, Fr. Parser Coaccidence
Pentagram, Sr. Conscientia Clara
Sprite, Kiri Namtvedt
Consume It, Qadisha
Science, Qadisha
Detail, Gustav Dore

The Included Middle by Tim Maroney
From the Camel's Back by Sr. Baphemetis Continuity, Lodgemaster
Jewels from the Naked Brilliance:
The Science & Spirit of Astrology
by Sr. Nephthys
Letters to The Natural Dreamer by Sr. Oalimn
Grok Discovers Air by Omega Baphomet
Manifestation Template by Fr. Xephyr
When is a Pagan Not a Pagan? by Fr. Dionysos Thriambos

Editor-In-Chief: Sr. B. Continuity
Editor & Production: Sr. Qadisha
Distribution & Marketing: Sr. Nephthys

Lodgemaster: Sr. B. Continuity
Secretary: Sr. Brianna Ashtara
Treasurer: Sr. Oalimn
Equipment Manager: Fr. K:estrel
Logistrix: Sr. Nephthys
Librarian: Ariadne
Senechel: Sr. Perilous
Illuminator: Fr. Sharash