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The Scarlet Letter
Volume IV, Number 3
Anno IVv | September 1997 e.v.
Fall Equinox | Sun in Libra, Moon in Gemini

Magdalene Art in This Issue

On the Cover:
Magdalene by Srs. Qadisha & Conscientia Clara

Septagram, Sr. Conscientia Clara
Gaia, Sr. Sundari Lalita
Astrological Septagram, Sr. Conscientia Clara
Eye, Sr. Conscientia Clara
Untitled, Sr. Sulis
Queen of Swords, Sr. Qadisha
Untitled, Kiri Namtvedt

The Great Work of Insect Metamorphosis by Fr. Y.V.
Thelemic Culture: Bridging the Generation Gap by Sr. Sulis
From the Camel's Back by Sr. Baphometis Continuity, Lodgemaster
Jewels from the Naked Brilliance: Cycles Within Cycles by Nephthys
The Natural Dreamer, Part II: Dreaming in Color by Sr. Oalimn
Tarot Rummy by Frater 9 Roots
Talx with DarqSyde by DarqSyde

Editor-In-Chief: Sr. N.V. Continuity P.
Editor & Production: Sr. Aisha Qadisha

Lodgemaster: Sr. B. Continuity
Secretary: Sr. Breanna Ashtara
Treasurer: Sr. Oalimn
Equipment Manager: Fr. K:estrel
Logistrix: Sr. Lillith