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The Scarlet Letter
Volume IV, Number 2
Anno IVv | June 1997 e.v.
Summer Solstice

Magdalene Art in This Issue

On the Cover:
Nuit by Sr. Sundari Lalita

Luna, Sundari Lalita
Astrological Septagram, Conscientia Clara
Skull, Conscientia Clara
The Face of the Night, Frederick Carter

From the Camel's Back by N. V. Continuity P.
The Magical Diaries of Ethel Archer by N. V. Continuity P.
Pre-Crowley Pronunciamenti by Th. Reuss & C. Kellner
The Toothpick and the Feather by Fr. Omega Bodhisattva
The Fire of Azrael: An Equinox Ritual by Sr. Qadisha
Jewels from the Naked Brilliance by Sr. Nephthys
The Natural Dreamer, Part I by Sr. Oalimn
The Scarlet Classifieds by S.A.M.A.D.H.I.
Theurgy by M. Ceries

Editor-In-Chief: Sr. N.V. Continuity P.
Editor & Production: Sr. Aisha Qadisha

Lodgemaster: Sr. B. Continuity
Secretary: Sr. Breanna Ashtara
Treasurer: Sr. Oalimn
Equipment Manager: Fr. K:estrel
Logistrix: Sr. Lillith