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The Scarlet Letter
Volume III, Number 3 | June 1996
Out of My Mind
by Fr. Sharash, Editor

The first thing I would like to remind everybody of is that your editor is an idiot. Be that as it may, I ask you to please keep this in the forefront of your mind as errors continue to happen and we continue to persist through disaster. The Staff and I are kicking a lot of butt (our own, that is), to bring up the standards to manifest a really special newsletter.

Thus, here we are at the end of another stretch between issues, although much shorter by our previous standards. The SL Staff and I have been working for months straight attempting to catch up from our previous late issues.

Excuse me for any confusion I've caused pertaining to our subscription policies. We are doing our best to adjust our prices to reflect the ever-changing economy. Sorry. But subscribe anyway so you don't miss the intoxicating splendour of what Scarlet Women are made of. AUMN!

In other radiant news, on March 31st, 1996 e.v., Frater Sabazius succeeded past Frater Superior Hymenaeus Beta as the US. Grand Master of Ordo Templi Orientis during a beautiful Ascension ceremony held here in the valley of Austin, Texas. I can't relate how absolutely stunning it was just to be present at such a monumental event in the temple where we all do weekly Mass. The highlight of the ritual was when H.B. whispered THE WORD into Sabazius's ear, which I didn't hear, but I'm sure it was "sucker" or "tag, you're it" or some such. The polite applause directly following the ceremony turned into a thundering standing ovation with cheers of "Long Live the King!" It was an experience which I shall not ever forget.

It was really wonderful that weekend to re-acquaint myself with all of the brothers and sisters that arrived who I hadn't seen in years, and to place faces to names I have only heard about in legend.What a fantastic time! And Lon DuQuette finally got his gold watch! I don't want to blow my whole wad here, so stay tuned and read more about it in "Pillow Talk" later in this issue.

This brings to a close a winded article until next issue. Have loads of fun and, by the way, have you seen the new 1996 US. one hundred dollar bills? They look counterfeit to me. What do you think?

Thanks, "SL Staff," for another wonderful newsletter.

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