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The Scarlet Letter
Volume III, Number 2 | December 1995
Column: Smoking Dog Project
Update & Mass of the Dodo

On August 2, 1995 e.v. the Dogs organized a ritual for the Feast of the Lion-Serpent. The principal ritualists were Cyclesage taking the godform of Hadit, Oalimn in the godform of Hathoor, and PNESOMAUMA with the godform of Hermanubis. The ritual was performed at the Bodhi Center with a fairly small group of participants (about a dozen), as the hot Texas Dog Days had created an ebb in local activity.

The Dogs spent the Lesser Feast of the Prophet at the Council of Magical Arts Samhain festival. Against all better sense, we produced "the Horrifying Spectacle of Crowleymas" for assembled devotees and curiosity-seekers. The ceremony included traditional rituals such as "Ye Evocation of ye Daemon Aleister Crowley to Visible Appearance" and "Liber Suck 'em Off," as well as newer rites like "The Mass of the Dodo" (see below). Crowley Cups were served, and an abominable time was had by all.

On October 31, the Project finished a full year of "crossquarters" rituals with the Feast of the Dragon at Sr. Continuity's house. The officers were Sr. Continuity (Snake), Fr. PNESOMAUMA (Eagle), and Fr. Titvs (Scorpion). Key assistance was provided by Sr. BreAnna Ashtara and Sr. Lillith, and Fr. Sar Shalom led the drummers. The ritual included the Denials of God from Liber 963, thus giving it a connection to the Rites of Eleusis which began four days later. The principal technology of the ritual was drawn from Liber 231, with other original components.


I need to correct some errors in the Feast of Cattle Little and Big ritual that appeared in the last Letter. The date should have been given as IViii e.n., not VIiii e.n. Babalon recited "The Lord," and Therion recited "The Lady," not the other way around. These were my mistakes—sorry.

Where there is smoke...


The Mass of the Dodo
(with apologies to the Master Theodor)

The magician, his head hoodwinked, stands facing north, the altar before him.

Ra's bark is fiercer than his bite:
I'm in the dark without a light!

Makes the sign of Apophis and Typhon

Then see me grope around and curse,
It only makes the matter worse.

Stomps 333-55555-333 in frustration

I flap my arms just like a bird,
I whine the ancient magick word: "PLEEEEASE"

Stomps again

When all else fails I try to speak
Some poem that I learned last week:

Recites Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky in full

And suddenly I realize
This cloth is covering my eyes.

Removes hoodwink

And there before my sight is shown
The sacrament that makes me groan.

Stomps again

I do not like green eggs and ham.
I do not like them here or there.
I do not like them anywhere.
I do not like them with a spell.
I do not like them down in hell.
I do not like them conjured up.
I do not like them when I sup.
I would not eat them on a boat.
I would not, could not with a goat.
I do not like green eggs and ham.
I do not like them Sam-I-am!

Puts hoodwink over food on altar

I make a face, reject the feast,
The food that I desire least.
I think there ought to be a Law
To ban the meal that I just saw.

Stomps again

I started blind and all confused
And wanting magic power
So I sure hope somone's amused
Because this rite went sour.

Exits the temple

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