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The Scarlet Letter
Volume III, Number 1
Volume III, No. 1 | Anno IViii | September 1995 e.v.
Fall Equinox | Sun in Libra, Moon in Virgo

Riding the Beast

Art in This Issue
On the Cover: Riding the Beast by Morgan
Iwhippss —Fr. Theta
Union —Lisa Collins
Illumination —Lisa Collins
Cattle Lamen —Matt Rogers

Letters by Sr. Astrae
Out of My Mind by Fr. Sharash
From the Camel's Back by N. V. Continuity P.
The Atu of Hecate by Sr. Beta Voluspa
My Card...An Abstract by Fr. Sar Shalom & Sr. Lillith
Group Deck Tuning Ritual by Fr. Sar Shalom
The Wounded Healer by S. Oroboros
The Arch of Swords by S. Oroboros
The Yoni Tantra, Part II Translated by Sri Lokanath
Pillow Talk by Sr. Lillith
The Kiss of Will by Fr. Pnesomauma
Thelemic Catholicism by Fr. Pnesomauma
Ten Famous Quotes From Catholic Saints Contributed by Adam Walks Between Worlds
Reviews by Sr. Sphinx, Matt Rogers, Fr. Baphomet

Editor & Distribution: Fr. Sharash
Assistant Editor: Sr. Lillith
Floccinaucinihilipilificator: Fr. Kestrel
Graphic Designer: Fr. Titvs

Oasis Master: Sr. Continuity
Secretary: Fr. Pnesomauma
Treasurer: Fr. Omega Baphomet
Equipment Master: Fr. Kestrel
Editor & Illuminator: Fr. Sharash
Senechal: Sr. Oalimn