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The Scarlet Letter
Volume II, Number 4
Anno IViii | May 1995 e.v.
Feast of Cattle, Little & Big | Sun in Taurus, Moon in Leo

Cover Art in This Issue

On the Cover:
Untitled, by Anonymous

The Star, Matt Rogers
Knock, Knock!, Lisa Kessler

Letters from Adam Walks Between Worlds, Fr. Hunahpu & Sr. Ixel Balamke, Fr. Insanvs & Sr. Isis Insania, and Fr. Alverda
Out of My Mind by Fr. Sharash, Editor
From the Camel's Back by Sr. Continuity
The World-Teacher by Aleister Crowley, with notes by Fr. Pnesomauma and Sr. Continuity
Smoking Dog Project: Feasts of the Times by Fr. Pnesomauma
Issued by Order
Warning by Adam Walks Between Worlds
Gede by Sr. Blut ist Leben
Pillow Talk by Sr. Lillith
Thee Enclosed Garden by S.Orboros
Babalon Bakes! Cakes o’ Lite by Sr. Beta Voluspa
Trochilics of the Deacon During the Collects by Dionysos Soter
So Mote it Be by Dionysos Soter
The Yoni Tantra, Part I Translated by Sri Lokanath
The Star Bullwinkle by Sr. Q.V.P.
Liber 1369 by Fr. Χεφρα
The Redemption of Adolf Hitler, Part I by Fr. Catfish-Seahorse

Editor & Distribution: Kip Coddington (Fr. Sharash)
Assistant Editor: Lila Harman (Sr. Lillith)
Proofer: Kevin Ascherfeld (Fr. Kestrel)
Design Issues: John Bowie (Fr. Titvs)

Camp Master: Content Knowles (Sr. Continuity)
Secretary: Matt Rogers (Fr. Pnesomauma)
Treasurer: Adam Kessler (Fr. Omega Baphomet)
Quartermeister: Kevin Ascherfeld (Fr. Kestrel)
Editor/Illuminator: Kip Coddington (Fr. Sharash)
Seneschal: Andrea Rogers (Sr. Oalimn)