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The Scarlet Letter
Volume II, Number 2 | October 1994
Rite of the Pyramid
By Wissen bei Kennen

The standard banishing used by most Ceremonial magicians, at least until they specialize, is the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram. Simple yet elegant, this ritual certainly does the job it's intended for. However, it seems to me to have some inherent flaws that rob it of its potential dynamism. And what is Magick, if not dynamic?

The primary flaw, if one excludes Time/Movement as a common given factor, is that the elemental planes involved in the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram are two-dimensional. Since the Magician's circle or Temple is a representation of his subjective universe, this is certainly lacking; a three-dimensional model needs to be found.

Secondly, even if one accepts the inferior two-dimensional nature of these elemental planes, the two planes involved are at odds with each other. Calling the Elemental Archangels from the cardinal directions involves the horizontal plane of North, East, South, and West. This is supposed to somehow vertically balance the Magician as he assumes the shape of the Pentagram. Would it not increase both the intuitive and rational foundations of the ritual to reconcile this difference in the third dimension?

The symbolism of the Pentagram, at least as used in this ritual, is basic. One has the four "lower" elements of Fire, Air, Earth, and Water; these are surmounted by the element Akasha, or Spirit. Stretching this symbolism, and the Pentagram, into the third dimension leaves one with a "pentolith," or four-cornered pyramid.

Using the pyramid, our new symbol for the elemental order, as the basis for a banishing ritual turns out to be both simple and effective. The new rite achieves the same effect as the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram, but much more dynamically and energetically.


The Rite of the Pyramid or
Geometric Pentagram Ritual


Have a candle of appropriate color lit at the boundary of each of the four quarters of your Circle, if desired.

Part One: 2=0 1

1) Visualize a globe of fiery energy five to ten feet above your head. This sphere is solar in nature, and has a diameter of perhaps fifteen inches.

2) Inhaling deeply, reach upwards towards the globe in an attitude similar to the "V" position of Apophis and Typhon. Slowly bring your arms outwards and downwards, while vibrating the initial "eeeee" of IAO. Simultaneous to this action, visualize a ray of silver light passing from the globe into your left hand. This energy is feminine, passive, and contractive.

3) Repeat step two, but instead vibrate the middle "hhhh" and summon a ray of crystal light that pierces your head, traverses your spine, and passes through to the earth below you. This ray is neuter or hermaphrodite, balancing, and harmonizing.

4) Repeat again, this time vibrating "ohhhh" and summoning golden light into your right hand. This energy is masculine, active, and expansive.

5) Repeat a final time, vibrating "IAO" and visualizing all three rays of energy.

Part Two: Warding

Call upon Therion, Nuit, Babalon, and Hadit as set forth in the Star Ruby, Liber XXV. Return to the altar.

Part Three: Lower Elemental Invocations

1) Proceed to the East and draw in that quarter with yellow light a symbol of the element Air. Optionally, the elemental tool may be used. Return to the altar and face East.

2) Make the Sign of the Theoricus 2, crying "Apo tein anatolein kaleo a-aira!3" Direct a line of airy yellow energy from the Eastern candle to the globe above your head, forming an edge of a pyramid.

3) Proceed to the West and repeat the first two steps, using the appropriate color, element, symbol, sign, direction, and Greek invocation. These are included on the accompanying diagram. 4

4) Repeat in the North, then in the South. Return to center.

Part Four: the Crowning

1) Situate yourself on your knees, facing Southeast if you are female, Northwest if male. Begin to breathe deeply, inwardly making the "eeeee" sound while inhaling and the "ohhhh" sound while exhaling. Feel the interplay between the masculine and feminine energies before and behind you. The solar globe will grow bigger and brighter as the energy builds. Slowly begin to rock back and forward, raising your hands to the side of your head.

2) When you feel the sexual energy has reached a peak, the globe will be about five feet in diameter. Throw your arms upwards, fiercely sending the built-up energy into, and through, the globe, crying "IAO!"

3) Enjoy momentarily the ecstacy of post-orgasm, then stand up and face East, saying "I stand within the pyramid, and the stars revolve about me."

Part Five: the End

1) Repeat Step 5 of Part One.


  1. Part One is adapted directly from the Rite of Three Rays as given by Douglas Monroe in his book The 21 Lessons of Merlin. The elemental symbols given in the diagram are also from this source.
  2. Golden Dawn Elemental Grades. The signs are:
    Theoricus: hands over head as if supporting a heavy pole
    Practicus: thumbs and index fingers form downward-pointed triangle at stomach level
    Zelator: right hand before you, palm forward; left hand at side
    Philosphus: thumbs and index fingers form upward-pointed triangle at just above forehead level
  3. Greek. "From the East I invoke Air!","From the West I invoke Water!", etc...
  4. In the visualization, the corners of the pyramid will be in the cardinal quarters, instead of the edges as seen in the diagram. The diagram is merely a convenient way to organize information

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