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The Scarlet Letter
Volume II, Number 2 | October 1994
Column: Powertools: Low-Tech for the High Magickian
Semen Magick
By S.Oroboros

Magick begs something to work through, something to attract it and ground it like a lightning rod. As we look around our environment with a playful imagination, we key on certain easily attainable resources that can be used to work our magick. Magick loves to play through the objects you bring to it. One of themagickal lightning rods that I have been playing with of late is semen magick.

Semen of course means "seed." Through my love of gardening, I started doing seed magick. I am into that "force that through the green fuse shoots the flower." This is reaily good mojo because the act of the seed springing upwards against gravity toward the sun is in itself a miracle of nature. So there is magick inherent in this process already. Seed magick offers many applications from sigilization to bud will magick. I have found it excellent for personal growth, prosperity magick, love magick, and for obtaining things in general.

To start with you will need to pick a seed that reflects the operation at hand. One might consult 777, or simply think of a plant-type that seems appropriate. A heart-shaped leaf could be used for a love potion, a night blooming plant might be used for improved dream recall, or a strong heliotrope might be used for Holy Guardian Angel workings. Tables of occult correspondence are useful, but exercising one's imagination in this creative process probably leaves a more fertile soil to sow. Also, using the seeds from plants that one has grown or gathering one's own seeds from the wild is more Powerful than buying Burpee seeds, but pre-packaged seeds will work just fine.

You might start by banishing the seeds if they are pre-packaged or by blessing them if they are not. Place them in a special box or bag on your altar for a few days so that you are aware of them, but they are out of sight, sleeping in darkness. The operation consists of consecrating the seeds for some purpose and visualizing them with life energy of your own with your intent clearly in mind. You could use a mantra or create a sigil to plant along with your seed. Depending on the working, you can either plant the seed nearby where you can nurture it, or you can plant it somewhere you never go and forget about it. The place of planting is very important. For transformational magick, you might plant it in a cemetery, etc. Use special water to moisten the ground after the seed has been planted. Add a little urine, saliva, etc. to the water for that personal touch. Kiss the earth, slap our thigh, say "Shazam!" and you're done. If the seed has been charged and consecrated sincerely and energetically, it will germinate and grow to fruition on the astral as a bud will. Additional footwork on this plane will speed things along.

Happy gardening.

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