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The Scarlet Letter
Volume II, Number 2 | October 1994
Pillow Talk
By Sr. Lillith

Another quarter just flew by...so I am reporting to you again about all the fun we have had spreading the law of Thelema and exercising our Wills at Scarlet Woman Camp over the last few months. Unfortunately I was able to attend fewer events than usual since my little project of growing a new potential Thelemite is progressing toward conclusion. Just a few more weeks of waddling around and there will be a new junior camp member to introduce to everyone.

We had two business meetings, Sep. 17 and Oct 15 during which we scheduled the events reviewed herein. Attendance was down at business meetings although other events still attracted crowds. I encourage you to COME TO THE MEETINGS FOLKS! (if it is your will of course). These meetings are where Camp information is distributed; O.T.O. and E.G.C. policies are also reviewed. You can pay Camp dues in person ($5.00/month) and volunteer your knowledge and expertise to educate and entertain your Order siblings at rituals, workshops, or events. You can find out what is up and coming and get questions answered on a whole range of topics by knowledgeable and opinionated Thelemites.

Yet another good reason to come to business meetings is that our local initiator, Fr. Sharash has instituted degree workings slash initiation ritual rehearsals after business meetings. This is your opportunity to work the degrees you are entitled to and rehearse toward being an officer at future initiations. Fr. Sharash works hard to be fully prepared. He wants the officers he works with to do the same so Scarlet Woman Camp can provide candidates the best possible experience at those crucial times.

Scarlet Woman Camp continues to grow and add new members through initiations. On Oct. 8, SWC hosted 10 Initiations. We congratulate three siblings: Sr. Esoterica, Fr. Coyote of Dallas, and Fr. [aleph beth heh cheth yod lamed vau] of San Antonio. Then on Oct 14, SWC held Minerval initiations and hereby welcomes Fr. Malakai and Fr. Nicholas.

E.G.C. Masses were held at SWC with the Priest/Priestess & Deacon as follows...

Aug. 21: Br. Dionysus Soter/Sr. Athena Ariagne, Sr. Lillith. This was also the occasion of my (Sr. Lillith's) Deacon Ordination performed by Sr. Continuity. Thanx to her and all who attended and contributed energy.

Aug. 28: Fr. Sharash/Sr. Lillith & Fr. Kestrel. On this evening Sr. Continuity performed Baptisms for Margaret W. and Br. Jebusoma and also Fr. Sharash confirmed Br. Audruin and Br. Pavael.

Sep. 18: Br. Maitreya/Sr. Hortus Inclusis & Br. Audruin making his debut as Deacon.

Oct 2: Fr. Sharash/Sr. Lillith & Fr. Pavael performed an impromptu mass in honor of our weekend guest Fr. Syntaxiss, the new Lodge Master of Syntaxiss Lodge in Atlanta, Georgia. It was a surprise visit arranged the same Saturday morning that he arrived by plane. We hope he enjoyed his stay with us as much as we did his company. He reported that he learned and observed some things about the style of our Mass performance that he intends to take home to Atlanta, including our excellent drumming.

Oct 8: Fr. Sharash/Sr. Esoterica & Br. Dionysus Soter performed a Mass in honor of our new I° siblings initiated that day. All three of the new initiates participated in the Mass, two as children and the third as priestess.

Oct 16: Br. Audruin/Sr. Esoterica & Fr. Sharash. This was the maiden flight for this Priestless team and a rare opportunity to see Fr. Sharash as Deacon instead of Priest.

In other E.G.C. news and events a Mass Class was held Sep. 7. This was a review of Liber XV geared for new and old Mass officers moderated by Fr. Sharash. On Sep. 11 most of the Camp members turned out for a Mass Colloquium. Br. Dionysus Soter coordinated six different presentations of E.G.C. Mass related topics. Ordained clergy Fr. Sharash and Sr. Continuity spoke on the energy work of the Priest and Priestess respectively. Fr. Kestrel talked about working energy from the point view of the Deacon and has generated ongoing discussion on some of his points of view. My favorite presentation was done jointly by Br. Maitreya and Sr. Hortus Inclusis in which they reviewed some aspects of Egyptian mythology and related it to the Mass.

The weekend of Aug. 20, Sr. Continuity joined Sr. Q.V.P. and Fr. D.E.D.I. (of Apotheosis Camp in Channelview, Houston) to do E.G.C. Baptisms for several inmates at Huntsville Prison. As far as we know this is the first time E.G.C. clergy has been officially recognized and allowed to perform rites in a penal institution. SWC followed up by sending the newly baptized members copies of the Scarlet Letter and we will continue to be on the lookout for ways to support these guys.

In other ritual event news..., for a change of pace on Sep. 20, a Fall Equinox Ritual was led by Sr. Lillith in the Wiccan style. Not to miss a Thelemic holiday, on Oct. 12 Uncle Al's Lesser Feast was observed with a tribute to Crowley hosted by Fr. Sharash. Crowley Cups (recipe published in the last issue of the Scarlet Letter) were served and an invocation to Crowley was done with appropriate irreverence.

Strictly social events this quarter included a coffee & cake gathering to greet Sr. Fidelia, visting Bubastis Oasis Master from Dallas, on Aug 15. There was a party on Aug. 23 for Fr. Omega Baphomet's Lesser Feast which included a talented stripper. A drum and dance party was held on Sep. 25 in honor of Sr. Esoterica's Lesser Feast.

Other notes on the personal lives of local Thelemites. Congrats to Fr. Insanvs Sanctvs Letvm and his new lady Isis Insania who were handfasted around midnight the Saturday of CMA Samhain out at the event.

I deeply regret having to report the migration of Fr. Catfish-Seahorse from Austin to Mt. Shasta which is due to occur shortly. We will miss his wit, humor, and intelligence and wish him the best possible results of following his will towards a change of scenery. 93, Frater!

O.T.O. Brothers and Sisters continue to be active in the Pagan community. Members turned out from Scarlet Woman and Apotheosis to attend the Council of the Magickal Arts Samhain camping event Oct. 20-23. SWC once again presented the "Tree of Life Playshop" Saturday afternoon due to popular demand. Fr. Π. oriented folks to the Tree of Life and Cabalistic system of correspondences in a well attended workshop on Friday evening. Sr. Continuity taught folks how to work effectively in Pagan Drum Circles and also co-taught a Tantra Yoga workshop with Fr. Jebusoma. Fr. Kestrel played flute as part of an Celtic music trio performing at the Bard's tent. SWC drummers contributed heavily to energy raising at revels and drum circles throughout the weekend. Fr. Kestrel, our own esteemed Camp Secretary threw his hat into the CMA political arena and was elected CMA Austin Area Representative. And Sr. Lillith, yours truly, accepted a fifth term as Board Member & Editor of the CMA Journal [Accord] by acclamation.

By the time I write to you again my household will have a new baby, have weathered creation of the Samhain Scarlet Letter and Yule issue of the CMA Journal, and entertained family from up north over the Xmas/New Years holidays, not to mention participating in another fantastic quarter full of SWC activity. I hope to be back on the Mass altar as Priestess in late January joining my beloved husband and Priest Fr. Sharash in blessing and administration of cakes of light.

Happy Holiday to you regardless of tradition... everybody has one coming up shortly!

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