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The Scarlet Letter
Volume II, Number 2 | October 1994
Out of My Mind
Scarlet Woman Camp Special Update
by Fr. Sharash, Editor

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Since Scarlet Woman Camp received it's Charter early in 1993, we've grown from a body consisting of six active members, two were initiated O.T.O, to 26 active O.T.O. members and four Minerval Pledges (candidates). I'm completely charmed by the level of activity and growth the Camp has manifested, as well as the brilliant Stars this system has attracted. It is rare enough to find a group of people who can manifest a work of this caliber and maintain it, let alone a group of rabid Thelemites such as ourselves.

The interest in Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica here is almost perverse in its intensity. Fr. Pnesomauma and Sr. Lillith being just as perverse as myself, contributed greatly to research with me into our Camp Initiation/EGC statistics and came up with this:

Summary of activity from Vernal Equinox, anno IV1 to Samhain, anno IV2:

Gnostic Mass:
21 Masses
Other Ecclesiastical

18 Baptisms,
9 Confirmations,
3 Deacon Ordinations

21 Baptised Members
11 Confirmed Members
6 Ordained Deacons
2 Ord. Priests/Priestesses
[2 Lay Deacons]
[7 Lay Pr./Prsts.]

The EGC membership isn't counted in the same manner as the initiations. So there are overlaps in the membership table. (i.e., all 6 Ordained Deacons are counted as Confirmed Members and Baptised Members.

Initiation summaries from Summer Solstice, anno IV1 to Samhain, anno IV2:

Initiations held at SWC:
18 Minervals Initiated
11 First Degrees Initiated
3 Second Degrees Initiated
Summary of Membership:
4 Minervals
[4 Minerval Pledges]
11 First Degrees
9 Second Degrees
1 Third
2 K.E.W.s

Early next year we will have members completing initiations from Minerval up through Third Degree here. I consider that pretty auspicious news for a mere 20 months of operation. We're defininately on to something good.


...Fr. Aquarius and Fr. Parsival on taking the leap to 1° on Nov. 6th. Also to Brs. Gore and Parsival on their Baptisms before the Gnostic Mass on the same date.

...Frs. Π., Omega Baphomet, and Kestrel for assumption of Camp Secretary, Treasurer, and Quartermaster duties respectively.

...Fr. Omega Baphomet & S.Oroboros on their wed...uh...'splicing'. And also on their purchase of the Scarlet Tantric Pagan Center. Omega has changed the name to Bodhi Yoga Center, but plans to keep the classes and focus the same, as well as letting the Camp utilize it for initiations, masses, and our wild parties. Thanx!

I would like to congratulate everybody else for their hard work and contributions to the Camp in Their Way.

Love is the law, love under will.

Every man and woman is a Star,
Fr. Sharash, Editor

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