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The Scarlet Letter
Volume II, Number 2 | October 1994
Exhalation of Nuit
by Sr. Esoterica

The Iris bloom too soon shall pale and wither unremembered.
Osiris slain.
Yet Lady, in that transcendent moment, the Iris is
forever young and fresh
          and kissed round with the nectar
          from the Golden olden Cup of Eos.
Then why should we wait, who are as ephemeral
          as the rainbow's shimmering.
A breath caught in motion of life —
          let it take our joy in these still vibrant tides
          while there is yet light.
Lest we turn away and embrace the Ever Encircling Night
          Too soon! Too soon!

Thou art the Earth Eternal and the Night!

I have seen the glimmering starlight in your eyes,
          and the jade flame that dances in your breast.
I would drink our blood-red wine of dissolution
          and be unmade—the Universe our bed and body.

Be Thou Nuit!

As I am the Jewel in the soul of Ra,
          and a silken pillow for my mortal lover.
All power and all Night still silver glowing
          the oceans the milk of my secret heart.
Embrace me and the Sun, there is no difference,
          and in that tender burning I will soothe.

Thou art Death!

But not forever—for I am the One Who as Before
Time and Moons
          and we shall find again that ancient bower
          cloud wrapped and imperishable.

Be Thou Nuit!

For one moment of' Immortal Passion that is swiftly gone
          and forever unchanged,
And I will crown you with the stars, my children,
          and they will sing in silent harmonies of us,
Long after the night has faded and is lost.

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