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The Scarlet Letter
Volume II, Number 2 | October 1994
From the Camel's Back
by Sr. Continuity, Camp Master

Love left on a Saturday, and was last seen headed east, driving rapidly away in a blue car with all the windows down and the tape player turned up loud. Love put out the weapon of the master and turned a hammer on himself, and with one mighty blow broke into a thousand pieces. Love packed his bags rapidly and ran from the devil, never realizing that the cage door was open all the time, and was only ever a cage at his insistence.

What is a marriage anyway? In the restaurant, when we speak of "marrying the ketchup" we are referring to the act of pouring the contents of two bottles into one. Among humans, it seems that the high ideal of marriage is the unification of two individuals towards a higher purpose. We attempt to create the egregore of the dyad, making a gestalt that has an energy and divinity of it's own. What then of the will of each entity? How do the two become one, without diminution of individual purpose and flow? How do two gloriously shining stars merge without smashing into each other in a huge explosion of expectation and appointment? How do we create a synchronous orbit?

This is an impassioned love letter to the husband that I have never married. You are the haunt that houses me and the bed that dreams me. I long to support you in your way, and in turn to be supported in mine. Love, respect, and truth. Marriage occurs among Thelemites when the two stars are truly attracted, each by the orbit of the other. It lasts when two individuals can look at each other with complete acceptance, with no expectation or need to change the other. The life-force of the dyad grows from the warmth and safety created through feeling truly accepted, loved, and exalted for what one is. Reveal yourself to me without fear. I in turn shall reveal myself to you. If there is unity, let it be love under will.

So mote it be!

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