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The Scarlet Letter
Volume II, Number 2
Anno IVii | October 1994 e.v.
Samhain | Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Libra

Pan Art in This Issue

On the Cover:
Scarlet Unveiled, photo manipulation by Fr. Sharash

Priestess, Stasys Baltrunas

Out of My Mind by Fr. Sharash, Editor
from Fr. I.H.S.V. 515
From the Camel's Back
by Sr. Continuity, Camp Master
Reviews: Golden Dawn Journal (Book I, Divination) & The Baphomet
The Magical Record of The Scarlet Woman, Part III By Leah Hirsig
Poetry: On Cue By Π
Pillow Talk By Sr. Lillith
Powertools: Semen Magick By S.Oroboros
Thelemic Ecclesiastical Rite for the Benediction of Animals By Dionysus Soter, Deacon E.G.C.
From Where I Sit by Sr. Lillith
Rite of the Pyramid By Wissen bei Kennen
Poetry: Exhalation of Nuit by Sr. Esoterica
Corn on the Khabs By Center O' Pestilence
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Editor & Distribution: Kip Coddington (Fr. Sharash)
Assistant Editor: Lila Harman (Sr. Lillith)
Proofer: Kevin Ascherfeld (Fr. Kestrel)

Camp Master: Content Knowles (Sr. Continuity)
Secretary: Matt Rogers (Fr. Pnesomauma)
Treasurer: Adam Kessler (Fr. Omega Baphomet)
Quartermaster: Kevin Ascherfeld (Fr. Kestrel)
Editor: Kip Coddington (Fr. Sharash)