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The Scarlet Letter
Volume II, Number 1 | August 1994
Powertools: Low-Tech for the High Magickian
By S.Oroboros

Lacking a surfeit of liquid assets for the greater part of my 20's, I found myself resorting to the Neo-Paleolithic mode of magickal survival, i.e. hunter/gatherer technology. Unable to buy expensive magickal implements with which to wield my will, I became a scavenger, a bottom-feeder on the underbelly of a throw-away society. I foraged in dumpsters and sought the tools of my tirades in thrift stores and garage sales. I was amazed at the bounty that was laid before me. Dumpster diving especially seemed to lend itself to the fulfillment of unconscious desires, dumpsters being taboo energy generators for most people. (I used to delight in the look of disgust and desire on people's faces as they watched this sexy, young Babalon vault over the side of a dumpster). So poverty and innovation led me to discover a wonder world of magickal powertools far removed from the classic cup and wand of traditional ceremonial magickians. And even though financial prosperity eventually found me, I still find myself vaulting dumpsters probably not unlike the way Don Quixote charged windmills. As for powertools...

The Rotary Club Turns Its Tables

With the emergence of CD technology, audio turntables are plentiful and cheap in most thrifts and dumpsters. And what's more they are laden with potential magick. Elementally, a turntable consists of a stylus arm (wand) and a wheel that hosts a modular array of lp's (pantacles). Hence, we have a revolutionary weapon of fire and earth.

An old 78 rpm turntable combined with choice "pantacles" from the Salvation Army will have you weaving weird magickal sound collages in no time. Sure, anyone can create a sound collage, but because you are a magickian and you are intending to create a magickal link with the hoodoo spirits of this low-tech tool, you are a spinner of spells. Therefore, seek out exotic pantacles: check the World Music, Documentary, and Religious music bins for potentially magickal finds. One of my best finds was a double lp of Revelations packaged as a special edition for the blind; the label was in braille! It served as an excellent tool for invocations of Babalon and the Beast 666! You can also use a turntable by creating an audio sigil or by using carefully selected combinations of sound bytes and skips or by using purposely warped records on different speeds. You might create and record an aural montage that you can scry into for divination or use for ritual ambience. You will be surprised at the audible messages that spontaneously emerge as you explore this low tech magickal process. Remember, as with most magicko-artistic media, there is no right or wrong way to operate; the power lies in working through the process rather than in desiring a particular outcome. Relax, play with the process and and the success will eventually follow.

If your turntable lacks a needle, don't worry. Make it into a magick lantern by cutting out a geometric pattern in posterboard and connecting the ends to from a cylinder. Place a candle or a light inside and let it spin! This is the visual skrying tool par excellence; and the spinning light and shadow also make for nice ritual ambience.

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