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The Scarlet Letter
Volume II, Number 1 | August 1994
Pillow Talk
By Sr. Lillith

Three well attended monthly camp business meetings yielded a full summer schedule of events. I am late submitting my article this time so I'll have to be brief...(at least as brief as I am able which ain't very.) Lots of big news in the area of initiations. SWC is experiencing a boom in growth and advancement. Soror Q.V.P. from Apotheosis Camp guest-initiated for five Minervals May 14th & four SWC members took II° at Apotheosis June 4th.

Our newly chartered initiator, Frater Sharash—many congrats to him— conducted six more Minervals July 29 and five I° rituals on July 1st. Were we burned out on ritual yet? Us, why no! Never! So three more II° initations rounded out our summer on August 6th. Initiating officers benefitted greatly from rehearsals prior to the rituals themselves. We plan to continue regular rehearsals, thus giving everyone opportunities to work their degrees and prepare to advance future candidates in style.

We have many wonderful new Brothers and Sisters with us now, and the familiar faces have added new depth and color to their magic and auras. Welcome and congratulations to you all. We now boast 24 active initiated members at Scarlet Woman Camp.

Three priest/ess teams are now regularly conducting Mass at SWC. Information better than rumor has it that Fr. Kestrel & Sr. Continuity are warming up, along with new Deacon Br. Ron E.  Newcomers Br. Audruin & Sr. Esoterica plan to begin rehearsal soon. Br. Audruin will also be Deaconing for the first time in the near future and both he and Sr. Esoterica have volunteered to be Children in upcoming Masses. Welcome enthusiasm and contributions!

Masses this quarter were held May 22, Br. Maitreya/Sr. Hortus Inclusus & Sr. Lillith; June 19 Fr. Sharash/Sr. Lillith & Fr. Kestrel; June 26 Br. Dionysus Soter/Sr. Athena Ariagne & Br. Pavael; and July 17 Br. Maitreya/Sr. Hortus Inclusus & Fr. Pavael.

In other E.G.C. related news... Congratulations to Frater Kestrel on his ordination as Deacon. Fr. Sharash favored us with a review of the structure and symbols in the Mass at a workshop on July 24th. Also welcome to our four newly baptized church members.

Thelemites do so love to party, especially together, and at SWC that almost always means drums and food. Geminis Fr. Π. & Sr. Oalimn had a combined Lesser Feast ice cream party in May. Fr. Insanvs celebrated his Lesser Feast quietly at home with a few folks over for beer and conversation. I know that Sr. Continuity's Lesser Feast flew by some time this summer...Happy Birthday to her a bit belated as we seem to have missed the opportunity to celebrate with her. Sr. Lillith had a Lesser Feast pot-luck dinner & drum blow-out, thrown by Fr. Kestrel on Aug. 7th. [I even dragged my 5 1/2 month pregnant body out for a little Middle Eastern dancing, the drums were too good to resist. Thanx to Kestrel and everyone who came, it was the best birthday I've had yet!]

August 12 the Feast of the Beast and His Bride was celebrated by a last minute gathering at Fr. Sharash & Sr. Lillith's with coffee and conversation.

The range of interests and expertise amongst SWC members continues to provide a variety of special educational and experiential events. Here is a quick list of how we spent the long hot summer...

Masonic Symbols by Fr. Omega Baphomet; Two sections of Astrology by Sr. Lillith; Magical Record Keeping and also a Liber Resh review section by Fr. Π; Tarot discussion by Sr. Continuity, which focused on interpretation of court cards. Mass of the Phoenix ritual review by Fr. Insanvs; Two Cult of Cunning Lingo events, a discussion of Taz written by Hakim Bey and dealt by S. Oroboros and a party hosted by Sr. Lillith where The Thirteen Clocks by James Thurber was read aloud. Fraters Π., Sharash, and Homo Solitarius conspired to present a Liber V vel Reguli initiation-style ritual popularly referred to at SWC as "Regulift." This event was a big success and we hope to see more ritual oriented events in future.

That winds me up for this issue... I am sure our esteemed editor will be glad to receive this file on disk as I am the last one to turn my material in this time. Hope you enjoyed attending and reviewing the events of the summer with me. Fall promises to be full and interesting as well.

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