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The Scarlet Letter
Volume II, Number 1 | August 1994
Part II: June 1, 1924 to June 30, 1924
The Magical Record of The Scarlet Woman
By Leah Hirsig, Alostrael 31-666-31

Leah HirsigMss Diaries of Disciple Leah Hirsig, Catalog #DD1
Alostrael's Visions copied from diaries of The Beast 666 and
Alostrael 31-666-31
beginning Luna Monday, October 29, 1923 e.v. (Luna in Aries, An. xix)
Nefta, Tunesie, Cefalu, Sicily

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"Au Cadran Blue" Chelles, Seine et Marne, France

June 1, 1924 e.v. 10:30 PM A
XUL Solar has not yet shown up. He needs a severe programme. Today, I spent most of my time writing a long letter with enclosures of various kinds to O.P.V., also copying letter to Alabama people. The daily payment plan is already getting on my nerves. Tired, but not nervous.

June 29 AM K
Raining again. Breakfast at 8:15. 666 gone back to sleep. I continue with my letters:

Fire Water

12:30 PM My opinion is that one does not really get a shot at one's complexes until one has managed to eliminate the influences of convention.

1:25 PM 6 dr G + rum + wine at lunch.

2:40 PM (after lunch) Quite uncomfortable—but 666 wants his books from the P.O., so after telling him a few thoughts (re later) I went. Returned—raining like hell—Tea. Ideas connected with convention and complex. To get at people's "conventions" trouble I suggest two main lines:

1 for the simple—ask the question "What troubles you most in life."

2 for the more complex animal—Force him with a list of all the crimes? possible and ask him to mention the one that he thinks worst "wicked" or "disgusting" or some such term.

Ate no dinner. Bed early, after short walk.

June 3 E 9:50 AM

All ready to go to Paris. I await letter from Pre Catalan.

June 4 B 11 AM

I went to Paris and everything seemed to go wrong—but I survived it. Bed at 9. Long dreams—woke at 3 AM and then slept until around 7. My fountain pen has arrived. Behold the result!

pg 15

Yes, I called on Xul Solar—he was "in bed" as usual. I waited 12 minutes and then beat it...I await an answer!

Dictation from 3 to 7 (with tea in between). 666 in bed all day, not ill, but oh so tired! Raining like hell all day bloody weather.

9 PM 666 & Ethyl—How I hate this business starting again! It is a beastly stink to those not using it. I have been trying all day to sew a bib. Everytime I get the thing in my hands something or somebody interrupts.

June 5  2:30 PM  F
A short resume.

Last night 666 & Ethyl wanted a quite dark room so I sat me at the window and drank rum, smoked cigarettes until Cadram began to cut up. He ran away from Marie and hid under our bed. I spent some time in helping to catch the other dog which of course we didn't do.

Slept well but 666 woke me 6 times one of which was the arrival of XUL Solar (so he thought—and he was right—for this AM Marie announced him and shortly after he announced himself.)

Received letter from Goiran—cheque 154.96. Send Knickers & letter to Suzanne. Lunch at 12:30. 666 sleeping now—Letter to Sullivan ready, also copying one to Bill which I doubt will ever be ready.

June 6 C
9 AM I had planned to write up my diary every evening but there is always something to prevent. Last night it was Sidi Bou Ali—Notes in 666's diary. This morning 7:10-15 AM Opus 111(A) I did reverence to R.H.K. 666? Bright sunny day. Hurrah! 3 PM Out for lunch, only we turned back and got here at 1PM. 666 sleeping—I want a hat! Headachy, tired and heavy. A long dull (though bright) day. 41 g. w/Turban to XUL S.—no noticeable effects.

June 7  G  2:30 PM
Stupid day—it's clear but dull. We financed our hat already home. 666 not yet strong.

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June 8  11:45 AM  A
Movies last night. Great fun. 666 talked to XUL S. until goodness knows when—every once in a while his rasping voice so jarred on me that I wanted to scream. When this was not the case, I heard the pipe going or the tea being drunk! All this was relieved by Opus IV (C) (To become the Babalon I need to be) 666? some time before 3AM. I went quite a while. Received tobacco a few minutes ago but no other mail. Hell! Have not and cannot decide about Hardelot Big fees today

June 9  K

Rumpus at Hotel—negress. XUL S. to Paris.

June 10  E
Beast to Paris. Copied letters, fancies, divinations, etc.
666 back at 6:40.

June 11  B
Woke at 5. Hell! It's earlier every morning. We had "early tea" before 7 and breakfast about 8:30. 1 PM 666 in bed still (having lunch there). I stayed in bed till 10 myself. It is rainy again. 666 needs a big wallop from a big nigger wench.

June 12  F
666 to Paris. Came home by 8:16. Did not expect him so I went to bed with my Turban on. It came off when my Lion showed up. Slept late—after midnight—Wrote a long long letter to O.P.V.

June 13 C
Up before 8 but very sleepy. Letters—too late for Paris trains 11 L—it rained, so I am glad. Tried to telegraph O.P.V. but after waiting 1/2 hrs for information I thought on the whole it would be saving time to send a P.C. XUL Solar being waked up.

June 14 G
Up at 9 tho woke before 7. It's damp and chilly. Between 2:30-3:30 PM (after a Turban) Opus V—(C) 666 I kept my mind off anything.

Msbtd. Opus VI—shortly after V—Ra-Hoor-Khuit (not having been satisfied by it.) I had the feeling of being a ? and generally then a penis which became gradually ready for action and then the gradual "going down."

It was a great experience.

pg 17

Preoccupied all day and evening, but enjoying every moment in a quiet sort of way.

Dinner and cinema at Challas. Home after midnight. Nstn. up day (i.e. started late at night).

June 15
Rain again. Stores in the kitchen drove us out to lunch. Montgomery Evans and "Alice, where art thou?". Later—he showed up (I like him).

June 16
Very tired when 666 waked me for breakfast. Last night—tired unknown and I had scraps of a vision. I do not remember how it began, but the full moon, mstbn, and XUL S's talking about "breaks" in his work perhaps helped. How-ever, it was as follows:

S was thinking of "choose ye an island"—saw large white birds, not clearly—which turned to serpents—finally a peculiar large light dove colored egg with what appeared to be a serpent around it. But it was not a serpent after all because conscious of the inside of the egg in which I was a serpent but then discovered that it was a bird with a very long neck. There was an opening (not to the outside where I had previously been), but to a tunnel sort of place. I plunged in and saw a peacock—white. I called him Pera, said 418, etc. and thought of the "island."

Then I saw a saucer with 5 pieces of sugar on it—one more noticable than the others because it has a name in black letters on it -


Somewhere in the vision I saw a key but I can't remember where—I think after I saw the sugar islands—as my minds ran to "Now fortify it." I remember no more.

I dreamed about Kings and all the rest of it, waking once at least and giving orders on goverment with great certainity. I advise that no one should have power unless he was well-trained and tried and it bothered me because we seemed to weed them out once and training takes time.

Jun 17  E
Paris with 666. Hot, generally uncomfortable. Two visits to Suzanne. Two visits to Geriand (he was out). Dinner at Chinese Restaurant—home on 8:16. A.C. very tired boy.

pg 18

June 18 B
Blessed sunshine! makes me remember the full moon last night. She was very fiery and seemed much larger than any moons I've seen before. Letters from Geriand and O.P.V.

June 19  F
No Hump, no aimee. Opus 7 Msbtd. Phys. Relief—8 AM. Xul Solar leaves tomorrow.

June 20  C
Began the day by trying to telephone to Paris. Finally succeeded and came out to lunch. A turban & '75 & wine & strawberries = Velly Sick Monkey. Xul S. left about 4:50PM tho he had planned to leave the day before. Disliked Evans' way of "being a sport." After all, Xul S. has qualities which no amount of cultivation, experience or anything else can give to Evans.

June 21
Beast to Paris—I, feeling "queer." Could that tiny bit of Biscuit have done it??

Loafed all day. Very nervous.

June 22 A
Cheque from G.

June 29 A
A whole week gone! A busy, lazy week at that. Went to Paris on E June 24 and again on Friday June 28. (Called on Geriand both times—saw him on C. He has made a mess of the Bourcier business.

June 30  K  7:25 PM
A Turban of 6—house errors. Wrote a long letter to Goiraud. I hope it doesn't puzzle him too much. Have waited this long time to write B.C.—Hell! I have no paper. 7:30—it seems hours. Reflection—So soon! 7:40 He (who?) the man at the bar (why?) He lost his leg in the army. Did he belong to Coxie's army. If so, what is he doing a Frenchman?

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